17th Jan 2002, 23:15

One more thing is use spell check if you are in a hurry. lol


28th Jan 2002, 17:50

RE:Horn would beep of its own accord.

I thought you said the car was a Jetta not a Honda!


9th Mar 2007, 14:12

Chrysler LeBaron?? HAHAHAHA! Cheap...that's all you can claim about a LeBaron. Your Jetta was just wailed on, either by you or the previous owner. If you are in fact a car-killer, then please continue to buy domestic, so the VW's can stay plentiful...

15th Jun 2008, 05:53

In 1990, I bought a Jetta Wolfsburg edition. I drove it until 1999. I only had the timing belt replaced in 1999 by my favorite personal mechanic in town and a new battery under warranty in 1991. It was a great car for 9 years, but when I traded it for a 2000 Honda Accord it was smoking and the transmission was on it's last leg. Prior to that, I had a 1985 Jetta GL, drove it five years and traded it for the 1990. So, some good and not-so-good luck with VW.

In 1999, I bot a 2000 Golf TDI for the son. It was problematic with wiring and headlights burning out frequently. We found a rats nest of wires that had been bundled up and shoved under a carpet. I had my mechanic fix it in 2002, and in 2008, the son sold it with 130,000 miles for $8000. The dealers were not very good and I did complain to VW customer service to get some issues addressed.

23rd May 2009, 21:18

I have a straight diesel (no turbo) jetta and it has sat for over a year and now will not start, but cranks over really well.

I have driven this car before this and it has seemed reliable and fun to drive.

29th Jul 2009, 15:33

All you need is oxygen present to have a 'corrosive environment'... I hope you have some where you are.