5th Jun 2002, 00:54

You people must have the Digifant Motor. These motors are a pain in the ass and I wish VW did not come out with them because of all these sensors that came with them in the late 80's; the wear and tear has cause premature wear on these VW's. (front end, valves, pistons, camshaft) SHOULD I SAY MORE? I have been there. I am not a hard driver. I love my VW's. PEOPLE, stay away from the digifant 1.8 gas. I stalled and broke down 3 dozen times on the highway. Stick to the regular 1.8 gas or Diesel. If you do your stress will lower by 95% believe me.

\Experienced VW man.

8th Jul 2002, 15:41

My 1990 Jetta Carat had the same problem. Some dumb guys at a New Hampshire shop (closest to where it finally gave up... in CANADA) had it for a month. Brought it to my shop in Cambridge MA and the guy fixed it in a day. Problem? Bad wiring in the 02 sensor. Fixed for good, still running after 200,000 miles. Love the car. Drives like a sports car.

24th Apr 2003, 19:35

I've been a VW owner for the last 20 years. I've owned a 1978 Scirocco, a 1979 Scirocco, a 1982 Scirocco, and a 1990 Jetta Carat. With all their problems, VW air cooled are wonderful cars. Easy to modify and a blast to drive.. There's no other user friendly car as a pre-2000 VW. Thanks for your time.

13th Oct 2003, 10:21

I have a 1986 VW Jetta and it drives great for about 20 km in the city then will stall. I start it again and it begins stalling every 2-5 minuits, I let it sit all night and begin driving it again next morning, anything over 20 km driving in the city and it starts stalling every 2-5 minuits, it seems to be happening only after 20 km of city driving? Any Help? Any Suggestions?

22nd Oct 2003, 15:15

I bought a 1991 VW Jetta Carat last December and I have only been able to drive it for about one month total. This car has left me stranded many times. It has been in two different garages for about three months total. The problem is that will not start. The real problem is that it is so unpredictable that after I have it towed to the garage, it starts for no reason and they cannot fix it. This does not seem to have anything to do with the weather, amount of time the car is driven, or anything else that anyone can think of. I have had the distributer cap replaced, the spark plugs and wires, fuel pump relay sensor, and ignition coil. It still does not start all of the time. What to do...?

11th Nov 2003, 23:20

I have the 86 jetta and it seems to have the least electronics making it simpler, I still need to figure out what model is best through the 86-92 years because parts are very interchangeable. Someone mentioned parts wearing out faster because of abundant electronics and valves on late 80s model. How did that happen? Can someone explain what the 91 Wolfsburg edition advantages and disadvantages are? Or better yet what models are best considering keeping down the silly electronics? As for your engine stalling problem with no explanation, it is the fuel mixture screw in the air flow sensor box (just may have saved you from buying a computer for nothing). If your fuel is too lean as if to save gas and cause sooty exhaust sometimes the engine simply stops while decelerating, but then corrects itself after restarting at the stop. Make sure you don't make it too rich because of the melting of your catalytic. No doubt 1.8 engines have the computer exaggerate "idle fluctuation" when ever you need a minorist tune up and even to the point of stalling. The minorist tune up consists of cleaning the air flow sensor, check timing and change spark plugs. It may all be the air flow sensor. Having your mixture screw not correct the first time is very unusual, it is supposed to be factory adjusted, but I figured out the safe ranges by starting out lean. Funny, same idle problems happen when the ground wires on the block are loose.

13th Nov 2003, 13:41

Had the same problem with my 89 Golf. After replacing a long list of parts, finally found my problem. Rust in the fuel tank was blocking the screen (car sat for 3 years before I had it). Replaced the tank and still running great 60000 miles later.

29th Nov 2003, 18:53

The problem started with my 1990 golf GT car after 160000km, "after the 1st start by about 5 min. while am driving the car shut down and the fuel pump doesn't working then I switch it off and on many times (3-5) times; until I hear the fuel pump voice and the car start as usual and worked very well with out any problems, I changed the internal and the external fuel pumps and its still until now...

17th Dec 2003, 23:00

I have an 86 Carat that is rough when started the first two or three times. It seems that after the voltage regulator starts feeding field current and the alt light goes out it is OK. Is this because the fuel injection controller doesn't work when the system voltage is about 12 vdc or is something else wrong?

5th Jan 2004, 20:56

My 1992 Jetta, 1.8 Digifant, Automatic, is driving me crazy! It will stall, dead and instant, sometimes at idle, or at 60 km, it does not matter. I have confirmed that when it does not restart, there is NO SPARK. I will go to restart later without touching anything, and it starts. Today, I drove it for 1/2 hour, parked it, then it would not restart. Went back 4 hours later, it started, but only ran for 15 seconds and stopped again, NO SPARK. When it runs, it runs great, lots of power, and smooth. But, I cannot trust taking it out anymore. Help??? helihicks@hotmail.com.

23rd Jan 2004, 19:29

I have a 1991 Jetta Gl AUTOMATIC and when you drive the car for a long period of time the starter does get hot causing it's resistance of starting lower, I had to get a relay put in that bypasses the original ignition and directly to the battery had no problems since, if it keeps doing this it can damage the starter and is a costly repair.

9th Mar 2005, 20:59

Hey every one with a older jetta or golf. I am a VW technician and You should try a fuel pump relay. I just had a friends car in the shop, a 1989 Golf 1.8. Would run for an hour and then stall while driving. It got towed to my shop and it started and ran fine. When I got it hot it would stall. The fuel pump relay was bad, it would get too hot and stop working. I replaced the fuel pump relay and the car has never stalled since. He was ready to sell the car because of this. Now he loves it again. Maybe this can help you guys out.

24th Jun 2005, 19:58

I own a '91 Volkswagon Jetta [ They won't allow me to spell it correctly ], which I enjoy very much. It's comfortable and feel safe driving it even in bad weather. However, it starts very hard as if it's not getting enough gas. I keep it going until the idle is normal (about 2 minutes) Then it runs fine unless the Air Conditioning is on as at times I'll have a "flat miss", the car "bucks", but then will resume to normal. I bought this car in '90 and have had these problems since. I've had it back to the dealership and other repair shops, spent much money with no good results. Any ideas out there?