17th May 2002, 11:23

I am very sorry to see that your Jetta is a lemon that is very crappy, as all those things have happened to you. But mine is the same trim level as yours, and I have no problems with it at all.

It's a great compact sedan with luxury features, and the dealership is a bunch of idiots for saying that is like that. A 2001 should not be rusty at all, and if you do ever buy a Volkswagen again, I recommend buying at a certified Volkswagen dealership, and also ask for the Vehicle Identification Number and do a check on Carfax.com; it's worth the $14.99.

And if it was still under warranty, Volkswagen should have done something to make it right, let alone the dealership should have also made it right.

Sorry again about your experience.

8th Jul 2002, 15:47

About the transmission... I had the same problem. After a day of tests my dealer diagnosed it to the hydraulics inside the transmission, some sort of pressure test, where they push on the hydraulics. They are supposed to recede in a certain spec'd percentage. Mine was way out of spec.. which explains why it was slipping. They replaced my under the warranty in a day and it has been fine since.

9th Dec 2002, 13:24

My 2001 wolfsburg trunk latch broke twice.

First time it wouldn't shut.

2nd time it wouldn't open.

Don't buy a car at night! another thing why would you buy it right away. always come back later...

23rd Oct 2003, 17:48

NOT THE 1.8T, Mine is a hunk of junk! Engine coils blown three times is just the start! Steer Clear!

5th Dec 2003, 01:21

Am I lucky? I know someone who's Jetta is only 3 months old and the moonroof motor fried. I bought one anyway (avoiding the Mexican models) because of its really fun performance and overall styling and design. So far so good (5000m). Consider it a mini BMW with FWD. More expensive to maintain and repair than a Toyota or Honda, but a hell of a lot more exciting. The Acura RSX was my 1st choice because of its performance and reliability reputation, but after driving both I found the boxy Jetta to be very sturdy on its feet even compared to the smaller and more aerodynamic RSX 2door, and with gobs more room, and more impressive interior. Don't buy a Jetta with an automatic though. It's a vague slushbox. The 5 speed however is very nice, and the steering is unmatched in its class for precision and feel. I have never liked turbos because they all surge and lag no matter what they tell me, from the Saabs to the current WRX Subaru (very tempting machine), so I love the smooth VR6 powerplant in such a small sedan.

I expect reliability to be average because I understand that inexpensive high performance cars are more refined, but more temperamental than basic simple workhorses which require less TLC. The Jetta VR6 is not your father's VW. It's a thoroughly modern and complicated sedan. The Jetta's been out for almost 5 years and it's reputation for reliability is average. Isolated incidents should be considered, but not discourage you from owning one of the hottest alternatives to a Japanese pocket rocket.