21st Jun 2003, 09:35

Okay, so I bought my 96 Jetta about 9 months ago.. then lost my license and just got it back less than a week ago. After driving the car for two days, stopped at a stop sign, car wouldn't start, so I replaced the starter (no big deal, it was 7 years old) which cost me $300..drove the car for 1 more day, parked it, went out to start it the next day and the alarm went off continuously, angering my neighbors. Also, the driver side window closed, but the moonroof refused to either open or close (it was open 1/2 way. As soon as I closed the driver side door, the alarm went off for 5+ minutes, finally shut itself off. Had the mechanic stop by my house, and today it has to be towed to the shop because when the alarm went off, apparently something else was triggered which caused the car not to start. So now I have appointments like crazy and NO reliable car to get me anywhere, which does not make me very happy. I feel like I'm without a license once again. Bought the car used (1 previous owner) and now I'm wondering if he sold it because it started to have problems. Also, the car tends to stutter in 1st gear, until I shift into 2nd, but maybe that is because I'm new at driving stick, I'm not sure. After reading all these reviews, I'm a bit scared at what else may happen. I don't want to be afraid to take long trips because I'm afraid something will go wrong, but this is now fun. Also, both driver and passenger side moldings fell off overnight, but I could care less about that as it is cosmetic. I'm a bit frustrated though.. Any ideas?

23rd Mar 2005, 16:47

Ahhh...the 1996 Jetta Trek Limited. Fortunately we have been able to get about 126K on this GEM, but has been quite the journey getting it there! Door trim, yes - off. Drivers window stuck 3/4 open, doesn't like the rain - sputters & dies, auto-locks vacuum nightmare finally resolved... for now, squeaking rear brake linkage can't seem to permanently fix. Won't pass emissions cause engine light has been on for months from several sensor issues. Transmission still slipping and shifting hard, even after we spent $2,100 repairing it 2 yrs. ago! I've pretty much had it with this wreck which seems to be falling apart before my eyes, alarm - that's another story...but it does still look good.

1st Jan 2007, 22:34

My door locks broke too and my car was broken into or should I say intruded in to... They had my hood opened, so the cop asked me to start it, to make sure they didn't take any parts. To the cop I replied, "Well it doesn't really run all that great to begin with, I would have been happy if they just took the whole car." Which really was the truth, it would have been one less headache and then I wouldn't have had to drive home from college with no radio.

So on top of all the electrical and mechanical problems, the Jetta will find another way to fail you. =)