11th Jan 2003, 01:08

Dear Jetta Owner...

I own a 2002 Volkswagen GTI, and after five months the driver's side window has failed. As I live in a cold climate (it was 4 degrees when it happened), this is a significant problem. You also cannot park your car on the street for fear that someone will break into it.

I also feel a lot of vibration through the steering wheel despite using a Mercedes/BMW dealership for maintenance. I cannot use my local VW dealership as their service is horrible. Two days after I bought my car, the radio broke. I explained this to the service department, and they said they could not fix for 3 weeks. A broken radio for almost one month of my summer?

For anyone who is considering a car in the Jetta/Golf/GTI category, I would reccommend waiting for 2004, when BMW launches their 1-series: faster and cheaper than a Golf. It is also BUILT in GERMANY, not Brazil, therefore, in my experience, the car will have better quality. My parents have a Mercedes C230 that has been flawless for more than a year and a half.

25th Jan 2004, 02:09

You're not alone.

I have a 99 auto' VW Jetta.

I bought it used via private sale. It had 18,000 miles on it. No problems when I got it in June 2000.

I drove out from east coast to CA in August and the car completely stalled on the highway. The check engine light began to go on and off for a year thereafter.

I paid close to a grand to fix the oxygen sensor component which was then recalled a few months later; thankfully, I was fully reimbursed.

Plastic components: cup holder broken and jammed; rear ashtray broken and never closed.

Driver's side seat upholstery has come apart.

Front bumper--plastic base would get caught on cement guards in parking spaces causing bumper to break from plastic clips, of course VW wanted to replace entire bumper.

Mud guard below engine fell off at a "Touchless" Car wash.

My car consumes a quart of gas a month!!! There are no oil leaks, it's a mystery.

My car has a delay in shifting between second and third gear.

I just broke down on the highway this past weekend--car overheated. Mechanic says it doesn't work. On top of that, the timing belt blew along with the water pump.

What else could possibly go wrong?

I no longer have a warranty on it. Anyone know how long the power train warranty lasts... and if so, would it apply to its third owner.