1st Nov 2005, 14:43

I own a '91 Jetta turbo diesel with 297,000 kilometers on it and I don't know how the European models fare, but the Canadian models are the biggest pieces of garbage I have ever had the misfortune of owning. I am sorry I ever bought it. This car is NOT the prime example of German engineering I was hoping for. This car has not had a hard life at all, yet is always in the shop for something, I don't need to buy a new car as this one has so many new parts in it that its almost like new. Its no wonder the Japanese have such a strong foothold in the automotive industry, with cars like my Jetta its no wonder.

Never Again In CANADA.

24th Dec 2007, 21:45

I've got a Canadian '91 with about 157k on the clock, thing does indeed stick to the road, the 5 speed pulls some speed out of the 1.8, and the only major failure I've had so far was the exhaust heat-sheild mounts needing replacement.


23rd Mar 2008, 15:38

I have a 1991 Jetta GL 1.6 NA. The car has 161,000 and I expect it to go another 200,000 miles at least. I am the second owner, having acquired the car 1 1/2 years ago with 146,000 miles on it. I am amazed it doesn't have any rust- having lived in the northeast (I am in Rochester, NY) I have all of the history from the previous owner in a log book that I have been faithful in recording it's various fuel stops, oil changes and repairs. When I go the car it needed a head gasket (I got it for free!) I have tried to be frugal about the repairs but can't help but replacing things as I go (for instance- I did the struts and brake pads, but couldn't help but put the GLI vented rotors on or replacing the lower ball joints and outer tie rods). Yes you will spend money on these cars but it is cheaper than a car payment- way cheaper.

The only trouble I have had with the car has been it starting in the winter. I attribute this to my lack of knowledge of diesel cars and I have acquired quite a learning curve. I think I have the timing slightly off with the new head. I just replaced two of the easy to get too glow plugs and it starts easier in freezing temperatures. I am not satisfied with it's ability to start when it is cold- but once it starts it runs great. 40-45 mpg!

These cars are light and handle very well- and I can't believe I am saying this: they are fun to drive (My other car is a WRX and I have a crx sitting in the garage)

If you are handy and knowledgeable you will be grinning through the gears as you pass SUVs pouring $100 into their gas tanks every 300 miles- what fools! Wait until fuel prices go up again this summer- what I don't put in my tank I put in my 401k!

27th May 2008, 22:01

About three months ago I found a 1991 Diesel Jetta, 1.6, five speed with 83000 miles. The car was a one owner car. My only complaint was I did not find it earlier.

The car is a pleasure to drive, a little loud but with 46 miles to the gallon, I can use ear plugs.

I put on about 475 miles a week, with an average of 12 gallons. My Tundra was about 36 gallons a week. The Tundra now sits most of the time, only coming out when needed to haul something big.

If I could find another in good shape, I would buy that also.