1st Jul 2005, 16:18

I also own a 1992 Volkswagen Jetta GL and my temperature gauge isn't working. I have no heat either. But over all it is a nice vehicle.

20th Mar 2007, 14:52

CV joints had to be replaced on my 1992 Jetta as well. Same plastic interior piece breaking off... I still have to find the grommets for that. And the speaker grilles are right where your feet hit as you exit the car, so they're both smashed, but the car still has factory speakers which still sound great for a 1992 factory system.

I think my heater core blew as well. I changed the thermostat, but that didn't resolve the lack of heat in the cabin.

Definitely agree with you about the 'driving experience' though! I love to drive my jetta.

21st Jul 2007, 18:06

A side note.

When checking your alternator V-belt in these jettas, make sure that it is not rubbing on the timing belt cover, and that the allen keyed bolt holding the alternator is tight. My v-belt snapped an hour ago on the highway from rubbing on the timing belt cover.

24th Jan 2008, 01:07

I have a 92 GL.. I love it!!

I have replaced both half shafts (whole front end) starter, master cylinder, all brakes, heater core, clutch, rear bearings, timing belt, valve cover gasket, thermostat, shifting linkage, radiator, wheel cylinder.. I think that's it; all pretty normal for a old car, but it is paid for!!

The A/C is really cold, and the heat is not that good, even though it's all new. I guess their heaters suck..

It only failed to start once (ignition switch, I forgot one, in steering column).

I really like this car! I had the engine steam cleaned, looks a lot better!

Keep the oil changed! and it is fun to drive!!!

Oh, and the oil sending unit (I keep remembering things, I may have forgotten some)... gets me from A to B... love it!!!

7th Feb 2008, 09:08

I am the 3rd owner of a 1992 VW JettaGL. It now has 230,000km and is still running in good order. I have done some work on it. The starter has been replaced. Two oil plugs on the motor leaked away the oil and had to be replaced. Some work was done on the exhaust system, and normal break parts replaced.

However, after replacing the brakes, the break pedaling was very poor and I found out that the booster had not been working since I purchased the car. Now I have excellent brakes! Also, the heater core stopped working and I had to replace it. The part was approximately $100 and labour cost $200. Fortunately, I had a friend who is a VW certified mechanic. Overall this is a great car and I am so pleased with VW that I went out and bought a 2004 JettaGLI Diesel for my wife to drive. She doesn't drive my 1992 as it has a standard transmission. Great cars!