4th Dec 2003, 12:57

Well, my 2000 Jetta VR6 is nearing the 100,000 mile mark (I expect to hit it before the end of next week), and so far, I've had fewer problems, though new ones seem to be cropping up now.

20k miles, the fuel door actuator failed. Free to replace.

39k miles, the left rear brake caliper seized. $300 to replace.

41k miles, a glove compartment hinge broke. Too much stress on it with the springs they put in. A little epoxy and removing the spring have rendered it fine.

48k miles, rear ash tray broke, because my youngest daughter stepped on it. I don't smoke, and cosmetically it's fine.

63k miles, air bag warning light came on. Elected not to pursue it because I'm firmly opposed to airbags.

65k miles, check engine light began going on and off at random intervals. At 95k miles, I finally took it in to try and pass an emissions inspection, and they essentially gave it a tune-up, something that had supposedly been done at the 60k mile mark, but hadn't been done properly, apparently. $375, and the light stayed off for a week. They want me to replace the catalytic converter, now, but I think I'll look at doing that on my own...

Other than that, it's treated me well. It had a motorcycle fall into the driver door once, with only a small dent and moderate scratch... Based on my experiences with two dealerships so far, I don't have much care for THEM, but I've enjoyed the car, and my father has enjoyed his Passat.

5th Mar 2004, 21:28

I have a 2000 VW Jetta GLS... and it has given me nothing, but PROBLEMS!

Cup holder broke.

Armrest latch broke.

Air-conditioning does not work.

Trunk switch does not work.

Headlights and Tail-light bulbs often need replacement.

Illuminating lights for the heater, AC, Defroster, etc located underneath the stereo do not light up.

Engine makes a "breathing" noise when driven or even when car is just on...


18th May 2004, 08:18

My Jetta 1.8T 2000 has just tripped to 75,00 km. The only problems I have had is the window regulator default on the driver's side. VW replaced the two front window regulators with the new generation clips in metal rather than plastic. All was free of charges and very rapidly done. The only other problem is the glove compartment hinge, but I can live with it since nothing else has happened. Besides the car drives fantastically on the highway and handles like a charm. In winter at minus 25 degrees Celcius, there was not even the slightest hesitation on the part of the motor when starting up and I had no block heater. VW told me if the Check Engine indicator lights up, they were check the Mass Air control and replace it if necessary. Maybe it depends on your dealer for the service.Anyways, I have no hesitation in trading in for a new Jetta 1.8T.

5th Jul 2005, 06:32

I have problem with my 2000 JETTA VR6, I bought it June 2004 and since then I've been to the dealer service at lease 20 time. Most of it is for Oxygen sensor and Mass Air and now I'm there almost every 2 weeks waisting my time cause they can't fix it. I'm just tired of going there for the same problem that they can't fix. There is also a noise coming from the clutch when turning with clutch down and released. I've changed the alternator cause my light was always dimming (all lights in the car), changed the cup holder and more stuff, but my worst problem is those damn sensors, they did everything even changed electrical wires, but 2 weeks after was the same problem.

18th Jun 2007, 22:19

The 2000 Jetta VR6 was made in Mexico, thus an explanation for its numerous shortcomings. O2 sensors, broken plastic components everywhere, bad temperature sensors, bad MAF sensor, eats tires, leaks in the power steering hose, and the front cowling falling off - these are some of the problems. The dealer could not figure out a stalling problem, nor get the "check engine light" to stay off - they ran up the invoice on peripherals, so I figured they were quessing at the problem. The electric problems cannot be diagnosed using the standard internal code dignostic system, so the dealer is stumped. I suspect this is a production defect that none of the standard dealership mechanics can figure out, as they are not that creative. Basically, the VW dealership gave me the runaround and tried to cover their ass. VW has certainly declined in quality and is inferior to Toyota or Honda.

28th Mar 2008, 09:59

I own a 2000 GLS V6 and have owned it two years. In that short time, I have had two items recalled. I also took it in to have the driver mirror switch fixed. It was broken off when I bought it. That was pricey and they did not even place the right switch in. I had to wait again for them to pull it back in the garage and place the correct one in.

After driving away from that, my heated seats did not work, and the check engine light came on. I refused to take it back, but I am getting it ready to sell. I do not want the engine light on, so I am giving the dealer one more shot of fixing it.

I too have a broken hinge on the glove box, the handle on the console has broken twice; cheap parts.

The cup holder is broken, not worth fixing, back ash tray broken; do not smoke, no big deal.

The battery has been replaced twice since I have owned it. When I took it in, it is not the battery, but they believe something in the electric circuit causing it to drain. I do however have over 110 k on it.

Once I placed new tires on it, the noise level inside has reduced. I will not be buying a VW again. I will be going back to Honda.