27th Mar 2004, 07:20

1999 Jetta TDI

On my Jetta, I have 105.000 km.

All recommended service was done.

Engine diagnostic test shows Turbocharger high pressure.

Intake manifold was cleaned, airflow valve was replaced.

Car runs OK until I get to 100 km, then just stays like that, I wounder if I replace Turbo will that be it?

Can I repair this problem without going into $2000,00 repair bill, your comment please.



23rd Dec 2005, 10:19

I have a 1999 TDI that I bought pretty much brand new. I want to first say that I am a Volkwagen driver through and through. However I have found a lot of littles things wrong with this car. If anyone has the same problems I would love to hear back. I have noticed since the second winter that my engine light always comes on. This is due to the fact that I lose power in my engine. I can be moving at a high rate of speed and all of a sudden I feel a loss of power and can barely make it up a hill. It feels like my TURBO has been tripped.The funnny thing is that if I turn the car off then back on it resets itself. This has happened since the second year I have had it and the dealers say it is not a defect?? I have been told I need to replace my Mass airflow sensor, but you cannot buy it after market as it is a 500.00 part. Yet this may not fix my problem? Can anyone relate to this??



29th Dec 2005, 18:24

Rob G... I have had my 1999 TDI in the shop recently for a lack of power also. They tried the air flow sensor and it wasn't the problem. The mechanic cleaned out the intake manifold of a build up of carbon, and the car feels like it has the power it did when new. Sounds strange that it could be the intake manifold, but it was. The intake hole was almost completely covered in carbon and I was getting maybe 1/3 the airflow it needed.

Hopefully helps you out.


9th Oct 2007, 14:46

I also have a 1999 VW Jetta TDI. My check engine light is constantly on. I have had it re-set twice in the last month. My mechanic told me that he cleaned the intake manifold out. He also told me that the computer code is saying that the problem is with my turbo. He has checked it and feels that it is working properly. However, the light still comes on and I experience erratic boost. Sometimes the turbo works and sometimes it doesn't. I am trying to sell this car and this problem is driving me crazy. Any suggestions??

14th Nov 2007, 20:03

I have a '99 TDI Jetta, and I have problems with it since day one. From the dealer I was told that its the glow plugs, but I've changed them so many times that I've learned that there has to be a bigger problem. No matter if its cold or not the car takes a long time to start. Sometimes it starts up right away and sometimes it takes a while. It seems like something is not clicking right. If anyone knows what the problem might please let me know. I love the car, but this is just making me go crazy.

26th Mar 2010, 23:11

Wow! And to think I was going to buy this car..

19th May 2010, 02:41

Older comments here, except for the last one, so just want to say thanks to everyone. My daughter has wanted a Jetta for her first car. I thought I'd done enough research over the last several months, and we looked at many Jettas, but prices were too high. First thing tomorrow we were to look, and likely buy a 99 Jetta, which appeared to be a good deal. Low miles one owner, female driver etc.

While searching for body style info, I stumbled in here. Thank goodness I did. It made me search more sites and similar complaints on those sites also.

This site and the people who took the time to comment likely saved us from buying what now appears is a sporty lemon.