22nd Sep 2004, 17:57

I am the original author of this review and have a few more things to add now that the car is approaching 78,000 miles.

- Driver's side door lock popped out on my key one day. Got it fixed.

- Molding on sides of doors is starting to fall off.

- Cruise control is now non-functional.

- Starter switch went out. Symptoms: similar to dead battery, except car will not jump and dash lights fade and flicker. Will start just fine a few times after the initial funkiness, but then all of a sudden decide that it's done and kill the engine immediately wherever you are. (Luckily I was approaching a stop sign, but brakes were almost non-responsive once the engine dies). Expensive due to labor because the mechanic has to work under the dash, which is time-consuming.

- Shifting is becoming rougher.

- Had timing belt replaced at 68,000 checkup.

- Driver's side seat has weird "stabby" thing right above lumbar area (according to my boyfriend) but I can't feel it when I drive.

I'm starting to become a little tired of the fixes, but it doesn't mean I will abandon my Jetta. It just means I may opt for a turbo diesel Passat wagon the next time around for even more expensive fixes. :)

7th Jan 2009, 04:12

I have a 1996 VW Trek, and it has 105***miles, and it's not doing too hot.

Both locks do not work, and I am leaking oil, and my RPMS and my speed and my gas gages do not work all the time. But everything is going good beside that.

Oh, and the one thing I like is if you take you light switch and tune it to the left when it's on, you can drive with no lights but your head light, so you can do 100+ on the highway and get away.