25th Nov 2005, 13:49

Your right, after I sold this car your reading about to a friend (never a good idea) they spent over the next year $2,000 to fix a host of big and small problems. To every one looking to get a Jetta these cars had their day of being reliable, don't say you whernt warned.

9th May 2006, 21:27

I have a 1996 Jetta GLS. It has been a nightmare since I bought it brand new in 1996. Within the first 2 years I replaced the automatic transmission, 3 window motors with regulator, a fan because it shook so badly the front hood shook. In 2000, had the neutral safety switch replaced, very costly, had the mass air flow something changed, another high ticket price, had the struts changed in 2001, still no good. The car always has leaked oil even when I would have the oil changed at a dealer. Had the muffler changed twice, still makes some kind of dragging noise. My dashboard lights do not work, the cruise control hasn't worked in 3 years. Starting in Jan. 2006 to the present have spent $2000 in tune up, new muffler, new brakes, ignition coil, new radiator fan, all 3 belts replaced, even though I replaced them 9 months ago. Passenger side window doesn't roll down. I'm so ready and deserve a car I can rely on.

30th Jul 2006, 12:58

I bought my 96 Jetta 4 years ago used and only just recently did I have a major failure. The automatic transmission had a bearing slip and it destroyed the transmission. These things can happen to any car. My only compliant with it was the little nagging things that kept adding up. Such as oil filter pressure, engine block pressure switch, A/C belt, Alternator belt, windshield washer pump motor, power window motor things like these are small costs individually, but all together add up... over all I've put just under 100,000 kms on it and feel like it has been a success. But I took the transmission failure as a warning sign and got rid of it!