7th Jun 2004, 10:46

I must say that I have had a very similar experience with my 99 VW Wolfsburg edition Jetta. My cruise control has gone out. My trim has fallen off my driver's side door. There was a coolant leak. The heat shield rattles and I was told by the dealership that it would need to be replaced for the tune of $350. Now I am noticing that the transmission seems to slip. My check engine light just recently came on and I'm scared to take it in and see what else is wrong. The last time I took it to a mechanic, he asked me if my power windows had stopped working yet. He had seen several Jettas in with that same problem. Also, when I was car hunting for a new vehicle I talked to a car salesman who also drove a 99. His trim had fallen off and his cruise control was out also. Sounds like a lemon to me.

24th Feb 2010, 15:24

I don't know where to start. It's 2010. I have a 99 Jetta Wolfsburg edition. Let's go from the present to the past.

My check engine lights been on for a long time since the last passed smog check test, in southern Cali every other year. Now it's time to smog again, and after two mechanics and close to a 1,000.00 later and counting, no positive results, but the light show check engine light show begins. Very frustrating, and all I need is for a cop to pull me over. Hopefully not!

I've had my brakes done, starter done, minor tune ups, oxygen sensor replaced, radio problems, front windows fixed, oil cooling ring replaced, new radiator, and new air intake sensor.

I cleaned the throttle body, I've put in synthetic oil since I've had it, and five new little different hoses replaced, because of some kind of leak, and a new gas cap original.

I have yet to get my engine check fixed, or I won't be able to pass my smog, and my car runs great except for the engine light.

This a long time going for most Volkswagens. This needs to stop, and reliable, not really, only time can tell if you want to call VW reliable.

There is definitely an ongoing problem here. I think the next problem from Toyota will be Volkswagen.