15th Dec 2004, 17:31

I have a 2001 Jetta 1.8T and the check engine light keeps coming on I took it to the dealership and they are going to try and change the Mass Air Flow Sensor, but I am not sure this will fix the problem. They cannot diagnose the problem.

24th May 2005, 14:30

Did they check or replace the ignition coil? There was a recall sent out for faulty ignition coils for Volkswagen and Audi cars of that year. If you haven't solved the problem after following up on the last suggestion, I would look into what I said. I had the same problem, and I just replaced the coil in my Jetta. I haven't had a problem since.

30th Oct 2007, 14:26

I replaced the ignition coils 2 days ago, and my Jetta STILL vibrates violently when I first start it, stalls if it isn't warmed up. What do I do? I'm really starting to hate this car!

16th Mar 2008, 22:00

Has anyone told you to check the crankcase ventilation hoses that are underneath the intake manifold. I own a 2001 wolfsburg and the check engine light came on the other day. I took it to vw and had them run diagnostics on it. They said that I needed a mass air sensor and ventilation hose. I took the car home and reset the check light and started looking for the cracked hose. If you know where it is start tracing them down and trying to get them loose to unclog them. That can play hell on your engines ability to breath correctly.

25th Mar 2008, 07:40

Wow, and I thought I was unique. My 2001 Wolfsburg just started this about a month ago and I have had it back to the dealership 2 times now, looking at a 3rd. So far I have spent almost 1900 bucks on it with Spark plug replacements, new coils, new battery, some turbo valve, temperature sender... If it doesn't get fixed this last time, I'm not sure what I am going to do.

This morning it had started no problem, but then the engine fluttered, so I pulled out of the driveway, only to practically lose all power when shifting to second, drove 45 minutes into work, with the same problem at the traffic lights, fine on the interstate. It stalled twice when I got close to work, the last time I restarted it the idle shot up to 2000 and stayed there (my foot was no where near the gas), then as I coasted through the parking lot, it felt like the throttle was sticking, just going on its own. I'm taking it in on Friday to have it checked out again...

27th Mar 2008, 06:00

I have a 2007 Jetta 2.5L Wolfsburg (bought new) and have been to dealer 5 times spanning 9,500-10,200 miles for the exact same issue. I have no throttle response past 3000 rpm (in any gear - although I have not tried reverse). Car performs normally until reved up to 3000 and then the needle falls to zero, and there is a loss of power - but not stalling. I can continue to drive if I keep shifting before topping out at 3000 rpm. Dealer has replaced, recleaned, and retorqued both knock sensors 5 times. When the car acts up again after I leave the dealer the CEL comes on solid yellow and the fault code is always the knock sensors. They have no clue what else to do. I too have meet the presumption of the new car lemon law in NY and am going to be filing a claim next week.

I bummed, this is my 7th new VW/Audi in 11 years, and I have weathered all the recalls from window clips to engine coils and faults up to this point but can take it no longer. The honeymoon is over.

12th May 2008, 12:12

It's the camshaft sensor.

4th Jun 2008, 10:55

My daughter has a 2001 Jetta 1.8L turbo. So far I've changed the mass air flow sensor, didn't fix it, so next I changed crank position sensor, but the new one was received bad out of box, so I put the old one back in. It would run until the engine heated up, then die. I changed the cam position sensor; that still didn't fix it. Then I changed the crank position sensor again, with a good one, and it fixed the problem for about a month, but now problem is back.

My next thought is the diverter valve is malfunctioning, so for $44 I'll try that, and I'm also going to see if the dealer will give me a new coil from the recall, but we'll buy one if necessary.

My best advise to my daughter, is if we ever get it running again, is to trade it for a Honda or Toyota, or anything but a piece of junk made VW.

5th Sep 2008, 08:09

I have a 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T with a manual transmission and I have recently encountered a stalling problem whenever I approached a stopping situation.

My successful solution is two fold. First, there was a carbon build-up on the throttle body (aka butterfly valve) which needs to be cleaned. This was done in about 20 minutes by my mechanic.

Just as importantly, I needed to change my driving style. When I approached a stopping situation, I left the transmission in gear to use the power of the engine to assist in the braking. But, what I was saving in brake pad wear, I was losing in engine wear! I have now been told that for older engines it is better to put the car in neutral and coast to a stop.

With these two changes, my stalling problem has been resolved.

7th Sep 2008, 12:03

My 99 V-Dub Jetta just recently started this thing where it will run fine, then the next time I go out to start it nothing. The engine will turn over, just not start like it's not getting any spark. The first few times it started after I messed with all the wires under the hood and the oil send sensor wire. That wire has came loose before completely shutting down my car after going over some railroad tracks.

The other night I went to leave work and my car wouldn't start no matter what I tried, so I had to leave it and when I came back to pull it home, the damn thing started right up like no problem. My mechanic still doesn't know what's going on with my car. I just don't know what to do about it.

1st Oct 2008, 17:19

My 2001 VW JETTA 1.8T Wolfsburg has had most of the problems you mentioned earlier. I live in Upstate New York and this car has weathered the temperature here. That said, the hot/cold start issues, the crazy "frog" engine, and all. My main problem is that I am trying to pass the emissions inspection and the check engine light is on. At 110,000 miles, I just installed a brand new (OEM) Catalytic Converter with Bosch Oxygen Sensors. The light went off for about 130 miles, then is back on. I'm thinking of changing the Mass Air Flow Sensor (Meter), but feel that it will not solve the issue. Did anyone here change this sensor AND had the check engine light come off? I hate buying parts and still getting that bloody light come on.