6th Sep 2006, 00:28

I stumbled across this page looking up information about a recall on a catalytic converter for my 2000 Jetta GLS. After reading all the comments and nodding my head to everyones problems with the crappy car, I figured id throw in my horror story for everyone to see. I got my car a little over a year ago in what appeared to be good condition, even had it checked out by a mechanic. Probably about 4 or 5 months into owning the car, things started to go wrong. heres all the stuff that's happened to my car

1. I've had to replace the starter 3 times within the last 5 months and Volkswagon still can't seem to tell me what exactly is wrong with my car

2. my center console broke within the same week I got the car.

3. cleaning the lint on the seats is a PAIN THE BUTT! I understand where you are coming from completely!

4. my passenger door panel has become totally disconnecting causing me to not be able to use the door. the rear passenger door panel is starting to disconnect also.

5. driver, passenger and rear passenger windows all go crazy, the rear passenger more than ever!

6. car doesn't beep when locked or unlocked

7. if I lose the flip key, the regular key will not open my car.

8. newest thing wrong is my passenger seat won't move forward or backward. apparently its easy for things to get stuck in the track or something. I havn't had it checked out yet.

I got this car as my graduation present and am now a college student. I can't afford this crap. I love this car, but when stuff goes wrong with it I just wanna body slam the damn thing! does anyone know how good the Mazda 3's are... probably what ill be getting to replace this car.

30th Aug 2007, 20:36

I bought my GLS VR6 with 60,000 miles on it, and I haven't had any problems. It now has 107,000 miles and it runs very quiet and strong. I got about 40,000 mile sout of my tires, but I don't drive hard (kinda like a grandma). I also change the oil every 2,000 miles and air filter everytime I change the oil. Sorry to hear your problems. I plan on driving mine to 180,000 miles.

27th Oct 2007, 00:58

Hi, I can relate to these complaints about 2000 vw Jettas. I own TWO of them. They are expensive to repair and I've had the window, door problems too. Here is the real reason I love them. My daughter was driving at 40 MPH and some illegal immigrants from "south of the border" ran a stop sign and plowed into the front of the 2000 Jetta GLS. They fled the scene and the airbags deployed. My daughter had nothing more than a few minor abrasions and was a little sore from the seat belt. I hauled the Jetta home on a car trailer. Unloaded it and drove it up and down the road at 55MPH. It didn't pull right or left. It was not leaking any fluids either. It totally disabled a 1996 Ford explorer. That said, it is now in a collision repair facility. my son wants it next. Meanwhile I bought a 2000VR6 Jetta for my daughter and can rest assured that she is in a little tank on wheels. NUFF said!

13th May 2009, 17:01

I too have had a few problems with my 2000 Jetta VR6 with 77,000miles.

1. Latch on glove compartment broke.

2. Window regulator clips had to be replaced

3. Car does not always lock. Back door will unlock itself.

4. MAS / Oxygen sensor replaced twice.

5. Speaker/Soundsystem wiring bad. Everytime I go over a pothole, the speakers go out, as do the lights in the center console.

6. Lots of squeaking and creaking.

7. needed new upper strut mounts

8. Control arm bushings ripped

9. Grinds when going from 1st to 2nd gear (not driver error. Problem happens with multiple experienced drivers.)

10. Passenger window will not roll up. BUT if you push "door lock" button, window will magically go up.

11. Inner and outer tierods worn out on both sides

12. Car thermostat will suddenly drop drastically. Faulty.

13. springs from under both driver and passenger side seats have popped out.

14. Alternator bearing worn out. needed welding.

15. New high pressure power stearing hose because there was a slow leak.

21st May 2009, 11:59

Don't buy unless you are enthusiastic about repairing.

The terrible 2000 Jetta 2.0 GLS that we bought in Aug. 1999.

1. Mar. 17, 2000. B-pillar trim cover fall off.

2. Oct. 18, 2000. Left rear exterior door handle broken of no reason. Retainer for handle had fallen inside door panel. - Even we seldom use the rear doors.

3. Feb. 12, 2001. Driver outside mirror defroster not function.

4. Mar 2, 2001. Driver's door lock ring broken.

5. Mar 7, 2001. When AC on, both right and left turn signals stay on and not blinking. Windshield wiper streak away when wipers on.

6. Sep. 5, 2002. Front lower valance fall off of no reason.

7. Sep. 15, 2003. Engine light starts on and off. Replace O2 sensor. One week later, engine light on again.

8. Sep. 22, 2003. Passenger window fell. Replace ECU software to be less sensitive to trigger engine light.

9. July 07, 2004. Engine light on again. Replace mass air flow sensor. Replace brake LT switch.

10. May 23, 2005. Flasher dead due to circuit problem.

11. Dec. 5, 2006. Replace brake light switch again.

12. Mar 3, 2007. Brake squeaks. Replace rear disc, rotor.....We have regular maintenance and brake system still failed.

13. June 26, 2007. No AC due to high pressure switch broken. We only use AC 3 or 4 times each summer.

14. May 19, 2008. Oil pan leak. Replace the whole oil pan.

15. Apr. 12. 2009. Catalyst convertor burned inside. Muffler silencer broken.