10th Nov 2003, 20:06

I own a 1985 Jetta GL - Not bad for a $500 car. Runs great, drives great, very little problems (compared to the other vehicles I owned). Driveaxles replaced @ 85k, Alternator not too long after. A/C works OK, Heat pumps, Seats are best that I've seen. My only real complaint is the lifters. After sitting for more than 3 or 4 days without running, they take a good amount of time to pump themselves up. Not too much of a driveability issue, but just a basic concern.

Car only has 95,000 miles on it, and I'm the 3rd owner. Have access to most service records (father works with guy who owned it). Very well taken care of. I love the car, and will likely continue to purchase VW products in the years to come (looking at another Jetta and a VW Fox at this moment! -Kermit, Mechanic in the Making, Va Beach, Va.

29th Feb 2004, 17:02

I really enjoy and appreciate this site. Reading the survey has provided me with greatly increased knowledge of the jetta model. I have purchased a jetta that has had a fair amount of audio and visual customizations performed on it, and I can't wait to get it on the road. These surveys have provided me with several things to look into to avoid common /potential problems with my car. I am looking forward to submitting my own and providing my comments once I've had the pleasure to experience the GRMN MUSL (German Muscle) as my plates say! Thanks.

7th May 2004, 22:04

I've owned my 1985 Jetta GL for over ten years now. It has served me better than any of my previous four cars. Parts never seem to be too difficult to find, but they can be pricey at times. Maintenance on this vehicle is made much easier if you have both Bentley and Haynes repair manuals. I'm lucky enough to have an excellent VW parts and service location nearby (Austin). Careful when checking manual transmission fluid, be sure to refill to the appropriate level - failure to do so can result in a burned-up tranny. (That's what I get for trusting an oil change shop.) Have a look at VWVortex dot com for all your specific questions. Looking forward to the next 200,000 miles!