19th Nov 2005, 15:27

I think the Jetta GLX is a great car, really fast, runs smoothly and very reliable I'm thiking you all just have bad luck with your because mine is still on the road and in great shape! yay for me!

28th Nov 2005, 14:35

Jetta GLX is the best car there is on the road. It's my second one because first one was stolen, everyone want a peace of it. I never had any kind of problems with this car, it drives awesome and it gets me from point Ato point B FAST!!!btw: windows work perfectly...

7th Feb 2007, 14:17

I have a '97 Jetta GLX -manual with 80K miles and have owned it since 2001 when it had 47K.

Pros for the car are it's handling, power, stability, comfort for front passengers, gas mileage, large trunk and I would give it relatively high marks for reliability except for small items.

Cons are expensive parts and repairs, side trim door locks and handles, warning lights (air bag), under effective shock absorbers.

I have recently had the front passenger side door lock assembly replaced followed by the inner latch assembly. I have also replaced the side trim, but Volkswagen's double-sided tape does not last. Volkswagen should devise a better replacement and do a recall or at least an inexpensive alternative.

I am currently having a slight idle problem. When car is brought to a stop the idle drops too low and needs to recover. I'm hoping this just needs an adjustment since the idle control valve costs almost $400.

I would definitely buy another Jetta, but plan on keeping this one for some time.

10th Feb 2007, 11:06

Agreed on most points. The door trim never stays on and looks ghetto. especially since the double sided industrial strength tape I used doesn't want to come off.

The driver door lock sticks and sometime I need to get in through the passenger side.

It leaked for awhile, but found that the leak was caused by poor gaskets for the tailights.

24th Mar 2007, 15:59

Wow!! I think our cars are twins separated at the factory! I ended up using Shoe Goo and Super Glue to keep my door trim on.

As far as the door handles go... well let's just say I ended up breaking the little lock post when one day I tried to "Daisy Duke" myself into my car... and my "Daisy Duke's" got stuck on it. LOL. My door handle actually broke though and had to be replaced at a cost of over $250. And ever since they "fixed" it, my alarm can only be turned on and off properly from the passenger side.

Window regulators broke three times.

BOTH WATER PUMPS AND THE HEATER CORE WENT - at different times of course. (And just so everyone knows - the heater core itself is NOT an expensive part... but it'll cost about $800 in labor to get to it!!!

It's a terrifying experience to be cruising down the highway at 70mph when your heater core explodes filling your car with clouds! I couldn't see ANYTHING and absolutely thought I was going to die. Very SCARY!

One of my favorite breakdowns is the when the ignition coil goes. That little repair goes for $600 each time... and it only lasts for about a year until it needs to be replaced again. Just long enough to expire your warranty on the part and make you want to scream. I've REPLACED mine 3 times. Common problem if you check the Internet.

The ABS light comes on whenever it feels like it.

The entire steering rack had to be replaced ($600).

I loved the car when I first got it - until it started breaking piece by piece. Both plastic knobs (driver and passenger) to adjust the seats broke off. When you open the visor, a plastic piece from next to the mirror comes flying off into your lap. ETC ETC ETC.

Every breakdown got more and more expensive - and when I called Volkswagen to get them to eat some of the costs of the never ending breakdowns, their answer to me was, "Your warranty is good for 24,000 miles - after that it's the owners responsibility." Apparently after you've driven 24,000 miles you're on your own as far as they're concerned. I will NEVER spend another penny on anything Volkswagen... and I'll tell my story to anybody willing to listen in hopes they won't either.

22nd Dec 2010, 02:07

You gotta love the Jettas. I own a 97 GLX and I love the car.

The only trouble I had with the car was the timing chain. I say trouble because it cost me a lot (I am a 20 year old college student). I had to replace it only 2000 miles after I bought the car and it cost me $1600 (plus the clutch). This was at 198,xxx miles.

Now I am at 201,xxx and the car still drives excellent. It's a stick shift of course and everything works on it, from the windows to the central lock. I had to replace the driver side door lock though and the window regulator.

I've done some other repairs on the car I must admit, but overall, I am glad with the quickness of the car.