4th Jan 2008, 21:13

My 1997 Jetta is working perfect. It has 119500 miles on it and it runs very well.

I am tired of hearing people complain about having a very nice car that is 12 years old and they are complaining that something is breaking! The car is 12 years old; you're gonna have to put some money in to it!

The only things that have ever broken on my car are the brake master cylinder and brake master cylinder. After the car has been driven for 12 years, I think it's just what happens to older cars.

Also, you young people driving these cars don't think you even have to take care of them; you need to give them oil changes every 3,000 miles. If VW's don't get their oil changed, they will not last long...

And if you are having exterior problems like the trim falling off, any auto part store has the tape to use and it works; I used it for mine.

25th Feb 2008, 18:36

OK, I want to make it real clear to anyone thinking about buying a Jetta built between 1993-current. You are buying TROUBLE.

I don't care how much money you put into a Post 1993 VW product it's never going to be reliable. I had a 1996 Jetta GLX VR6 for 1.5 years, constant problems that cost me nearly $3000 in repairs. EVERYONE I have talked to had similar problems.

We are talking about MAJOR issues here, not piddly cosmetic stuff. VW IS CRAP.

I would not touch another VW with a 20 foot pole. If you gave me a VW I would sell it immediately.

26th Mar 2008, 03:08

I've had nothing but cosmetic problems with my 97 Jetta. Every mechanical part has been great. I purchased it from a guy who didn't take care of it. It would barely idle when I bought it from him and it stayed in first gear forever. I replaced all fluids and filters and its ran great ever sence. It seems a lot of people think a bi-yearly oil change will keep your car running forever.

31st Dec 2008, 16:24

To 4th January, 2008:

Original poster here. Please don't make assumptions about me based on my youth. I am a car lover and took great care of that Jetta--better than it deserved. It was a few years old when I bought it, so I can't speak for the previous owner, but I took it for oil changes every three months like clockwork, barely put 12,000 miles/year on it, never got in an accident with it, regularly had the fluids checked and replaced, and took care of every issue as soon as it arose, so don't tell me I didn't take care of my car.

If you read my review, you would have noticed that I was not complaining about about a 12 year old car having some mechanical problems. The car was only 3 years old the first time the A/C compressor died. It was only 5 years old when the coolant sensor malfunctioned. It was only 7 years old when the power windows began failing. It was only 10 years old when the entire ignition column had to be replaced. You seriously think that's normal wear and tear?

Regarding the rubber trim--I had it professionally reattached FIVE times before giving up, using tapes, glues, rubber gum, etc. It would hold until the temperatures climbed above 90 the next summer, and then I'd come out to my car in the morning and find half the strip dangling off the door (it was always the passenger side, never had problems with the strip on the driver's side).

I do live in a hot climate and realize that may have contributed to the quick wear of the belts, the multiple cracked reservoirs, and the trim falling off. But no one else I have ever known that drives a car here has had that many problems, with that frequency.

Anyway, I don't begrudge you your love of your car and I'm glad you didn't end up with a maintenance nightmare like I did. But your experience doesn't invalidate my experience, and it doesn't mean that I didn't take care of the car as well as you did. Considering the sheer number of complaints (many for the same set of problems--power windows, trim), I'd venture to guess that your experience might be the unusual one.

6th Jun 2009, 17:12

Well I guess I'm in for a surprise myself. I have just recently purchased a 97 Jetta for my well deserving daughter for approximately 2,800. And the previous owner did mention the replacement of several items.

Such as air compressor, transmission, radio and timing belt. Now the owner religiously took the vehicle in for maintenance and tune-ups, (paperwork to prove so).

However the front windows don't roll down, the alarm is jacked up, the glove box doesn't open and for a newer air compressor it sure doesn't blow cold! Freon "maybe" OK, but that should only drop a 1/2 pound every 10 years.

My guess is I'm in for a lot of cursing!!!

29th Jul 2009, 23:13

Unless you drive a taxi or live in the southern US, I don't consider A/C a necessity and is a frivolous luxury option... same as power windows. Really, who needs them? Enough important things can break on any car, why add to the potential of more going wrong by putting faith in mere gadgets & toys?

10th Oct 2009, 07:23

Regarding the weatherstrip attachment, I believe the no-stick problem is most likely due to not thoroughly cleaning the old adhesive off both the door and the weatherstripping. This old adhesive takes me about 30 minutes to scrub off both surfaces completely. They must be completely clean. Not certain but I think I used Acetone and paper towels. Lacquer thinner might work better but wear good rubber gloves. 3M makes a good adhesive remover but it is very expensive. Then use the expensive 3M double sided tape. Mine is 3M #06383, 20 yards I think was over $40. I've glued three so far no failure over three years. Doing the 4th today, a new water pump and an oil change with Valvoline Max Life. My wife's car has over 180K and still going just fine but we should probably sell it soon. Give the cars a break, find a better mechanic. I do all my own work except VW auto tranny fluid change, which must be changed.

16th Oct 2009, 12:04

I just bought a 97 Jetta, and had to repair several things on it, but mere luxury. Motor wise the car is great. Cosmetically I live in a hot salty place and it shows. I think I might sell it soon. But still I love it! (selling it to get something cheaper to fix)

19th Dec 2009, 14:05

I bought my 1997 Volkswagen Trek about three months ago with 136K on it, from the original owner. The car runs great, and is tight as a drum. I am quite impressed with the quality of this 12 going on 13 year old car. It handles excellent and the 4 cyl engine has some good get up and go, no problems merging onto the highway or keeping up with the flow of traffic at 75 mph. We are giving this car to our 17 year son for Christmas and I am going out to find another one, a little bit newer with less miles, as soon as I can.

22nd Dec 2009, 12:48

I am looking into buying a 97 Volkswagen Jetta Jazz. It has a problem going from third to fourth gear. Could it possibly be an electrical issue?

15th Jan 2010, 14:04

I had a car that had trouble shifting, and it ended up being a new transmission.