10th May 2011, 22:27

This has to do with your sunroof drains being clogged, if you play with those little drains every so often they won't get clogged.

14th Jul 2011, 18:00

I have the same shifting problem. Did you fix the car? Please help.


29th Aug 2011, 20:57

Well, after going through all these comments, I guess I should put in my experience. I just bought a 2001 Jetta, and the check engine light came on the first day we had it, and the transmission started acting up within a week... After reading all these posts, I feel like getting out while I can. Bummer.

17th Jan 2012, 23:24

Seeing all these posts makes me worried about my future. I need a dependable car, and I just bought my VW Jetta 2001 VR6 with 130000. Engine timing belt and everything else was taken care of and replaced. I spent 360 on replacing the sensors. It's a beautiful car, hope nothing goes wrong.

18th Jan 2012, 18:31

A good friend of the family had TONS of problems with her 2002 Jetta. Let me not even mention friends that owned a new Beetle... LEMON.

The Jetta had to be towed numerous times, and this was a brand new car off the lot. Mechanics always had problems fixing it, and the bill was always expensive.

Turns out there was premature engine sludge, fuel injection problems, etc.

You basically have to run expensive premium gas to get a newer VW to run problem free, which is a total oxymoron, as people buy these cars to save money on fuel costs!

Why so many people buy these cars, which are expensive to purchase, repair, maintain, and fill up is beyond me...

It really must be a status symbol thing, as these cars are not economical, nor reliable.

Personally I don't care about status symbols, I want a car that is cheap to maintain, and very reliable.

I have had amazing luck with older GMs and Fords, no idea why these brands get a bad rep, as they have been amazingly reliable for me. And they run great on REGULAR gasoline!

No idea why people keep buying overpriced lemon imports while we are in a RECESSION here, and we need all the jobs we can get here in America.

The American auto industry is the LAST manufacturing jobs we have left here, these are the last good paying, middle class, blue collar jobs we have left here.

The middle class will soon not exist in America, as there will be no manufacturing jobs left, with all goods being made in China and everyone buying imported cars.

Keep buying foreign, you will be out of a job soon!