14th Nov 2006, 01:08

It was made in Mexico, enough said about that part. I owned one of these heaps, and that Engine Light came on all the time, causing it to run, but with very little power, and I took it into the dealer "to be fixed", but it still kept coming on, occasionally.

Do people really think that Mexico can produce a car comparable to Japan, or most other Countries, let's be real here?

Many of those posting all that good stuff about Jettas could be paid VW factory PR shills? They must have a huge Public Relations Department just to keep up with that Lemon's numerous problems? I have talked to other Jetta owners and everyone of them was dissatisfied.

13th Jun 2008, 02:38

You cannot own one car from VW and base your opinion on that. I have 3 MK4 VWs, a 1999 Jetta VR6, 2002 Jetta 1.8T, and a 2003 Golf 2.0. Yes, I did have to replace the coil packs on my 1.8T, and the VR6, but once done with the proper aftermarket part the problem was solved. Not only are these cars better than anything made in Japan, but I am a tunner, and with all the mods I have done, my 1.8T is going on 150,000 miles of constant pushing, with only oil changes, and a trip to the gas station. Show me a car made in Japan that can do this. Also, you said Hondas are 'Built to last', but don't be mistaken, that is actually a Ford quote. So don't be mad, buy another VW and you will see that all will be fine!!!

8th Sep 2009, 11:58

This is my second comment on a Jetta. I own a VR6 and it is unbeatable!

I drive it hard most of the time and nothing goes wrong!!

Yes I have a check engine light that comes on telling me to change an O2 sensor or even my MAF so what

This car has been with me since 2006. It has 149000kms and it's running great.

It had cost me around 1100 in repairs since I bought it, and these are the parts: 2 front disks, A/C compressor, 2 O2 sensors, 1 MAF, and all the bushings (I guess the last one is normal).

This is not the only car I have owned, and trust me they all need attention.