1983 Volkswagen Passat CL 1.8 petrol 90Bhp from UK and Ireland


Ludicrously reliable and cheap to run


4 tyres.

1 complete exhaust pipe.

Handbrake needed occasional adjustment.

General Comments:

My 1983 CL Hatchback (VW Passats were available as Hatchbacks as well as the usual Saloon and Estate models in the 1980s) was my first car.

It had an automatic choke, manual transmission and very little excess weight.

While the body control was overly soft, the low weight of the saloon made it surprisingly maneuvrable given a good set of tyres (Vreidestein Sporttaks in this case)

Seats were comfortable, dashboard spartan, but clear and it was perfectly usable - the gearbox was easy to use and had a pleasantly firm actions, the steering fine when driving (Not PAS though so parking a bit hard)

It was very fast for an 1800 without fuel injection and revved a long way - reached 30 in 1st and in 5th gear it would hold 110mph easily.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002

1983 Volkswagen Passat GLS 2.0 10v petrol from UK and Ireland


Alternator at 65,000.

Carb decided to die at 70,000.

CV Joints have needed to be replaced.

Clutch at 85,000.

CV gaiters and brake hoses at 123,000.

These have been the only serious parts to go other than the parts you expect to go at intervals (Tyres, brakes etc.).

General Comments:

The Passat makes me laugh. You could drive it around the world and nothing would go wrong with it. It just keeps going and going.

The only thing you have to watch on this car is the timing belt and CV gaiters. CV joints seem to seize on this car easily and are very costly.

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Review Date: 10th January, 1999