1992 Volkswagen Passat GL 2.0L 16v from North America




The car had a bad distributor before I even drove it.

The drivers door switch caused undesired operation of automatic seat belts.

General Comments:

I think it is a great reliable car. I have not had any further problems with it.

It gets out of it's own way and gets exceptional fuel mileage.

And it also handles and rides very well and sturdy, even at higher speeds. A true autobahn cruiser.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2004

1992 Volkswagen Passat GL estate 2.0i from UK and Ireland


An excellent machine


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This is my second Passat estate. My previous Passat was one year older, but had served me well for 7 years and was a very reliable car.

I replaced it with this one which I had managed to find, with a genuinely low mileage. I am very fond of this car. I have just returned from a holiday in Europe where the car behaved faultlessly over several thousand miles, and transported myself my wife and three children in great comfort and with very good fuel economy c.39 m.p.g. (over a long distance).

It is a very stable and satisfying car to drive on the European motorways.

Moreover, the car itself is in very good condition considering its age. The bodywork is very solid, with very little evidence of rust.

I expect that it will continue to perform well for many years as borne out by my experience of my previous Passat (162,000 miles and going strong when I sold it). Friends of mine have had these cars with similar ages and mileages, with similar experience of their cars' reliability.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

18th Jul 2006, 04:28

I have now owned this vehicle for 4 years and have added c.50,000 miles to the total. In that time I have had to have the following repairs (a) ecu replacement, (b) ABS sensor, (c) ignition switch, (d) battery & a couple of consumables e.g. tyres, exhausts etc. Items (a), (b) & (c) have set me back just over £400 including labour. The car regularly sails through the M.O.T. test with no additional work being necessary.

When I think of the amount of money I could have lost through the depreciation of a newer vehicle, I consider myself very fortunate to have invested in this vehicle.

1992 Volkswagen Passat CL 1.6 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good workhorse


Bought with a electrical fault on the instrument panel e. g. No fuel or temperature gauges working. Intermittent fault. Rectified by a new printed circuit. Now known to be a common fault. Cost of part only. three years ago. £275-00.

Unable to leave vehicle for more than two days without returning to find a flat battery. After hours of investigation and many months later. The fault was found in the central locking. Another intermittent fault which activated the central locking from time to time and therefore discharging the battery.

An engine oil leak from the rear main seal behind the flywheel which has leaked for years.

General Comments:

A solid dependable car and very roomy, plus a large boot.

A very good tow car, low geared.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002

1992 Volkswagen Passat GL 2.0L from North America




O2 sensor.

Fuel tank collapsed.

Fuel sending unit.

Wheel bearings.



AC leak.

Coolant leak.

Inner muffler.

Minor engine compartment fire.

General Comments:

Great driving vehicle, but has a tendency to breakdown often. Not built for North American winters. Very sensitive car even with maintenance from VW dealerships. Components on the car are like dominoes, things start failing in succession. Will NEVER purchase a VW/Audi vehicle ever again.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2000

7th Feb 2001, 07:38

I agree, I bought a '91 when it was 2 years old. I replaced the head gasket, heater core head gasket again, rear window motor and other smaller items.

This car was a lemon, I tried to trade it in on a new Golf, but the Volkswagen dealer refused to take it as a trade, because he had too many on the lot!

Finally got Toyota to take it on a trade, I lost $10,000 through negative equity in the trade.

My first car was a VW, and my third and my fourth, but never again.

15th Feb 2001, 17:58

I also had a 1992. These cars are good for cruising but not everyday driving. Too many problems, and repairs are expensive.

27th Apr 2003, 03:42

Upon reading the review... I see you bought a car with quite a few miles on it... and you were surprised to have to make repairs???

9th Oct 2003, 11:45

90000 KILOMETRES - not actually all that many miles.

4th Dec 2003, 12:39

90000 Kilometres is only about 54000 miles!!!

10th Mar 2004, 21:05

I had a similiar experience with mine, to top it off VW dealer and VW customer service is condescending. They answer every question like you're an idiot. This was my third and last VW.

1992 Volkswagen Passat G60 Syncro 1.8L SC 4-cylinder (G60) from North America


High performance bargain for the do-it-yourselfer


Nothing except regular maintainance for a car with 115,000 miles. Problematic areas are a rattling heat shield, expensive/weak supercharger and really nothing else!

General Comments:

You can't imagine how much I love this car. I went to Canada to buy/import it knowing how capable it is. 4WD with the G60 engine, better suspension components, etc. It's beautiful and a heck of a lot of fun whether on the track or in the snow. Only one of 300 or so, though.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2000

22nd Jun 2001, 11:10

I agree. But it should be noted that you need to have a respect for cars and know-how to attack the kinks with the G60 engine and general VW issues.

18th Apr 2004, 00:05

You're probably aware of this online group by now... but, if you're not... http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/syncrog60/

These are great cars... So long as they're properly cared for. Then again, what car isn't, eh ;-)