2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8 turbo from North America


Great car, but some maintenance cost way to high. (See wiper blade)


All coils had to be replaced by factory recall.

Radio went out completely, but found out that you have to take the fuse out, turn car on, turn car off, and then put fuse back in and start car again and it should work. Dealer had to show me this. It happen about 6 months after purchase of car. About 6 months after that it did it again. Fixed it myself this time.

Wiper blades wore out not even a year old. Found out that it cost between $30 - $50 for new ones (each) No refills available for my style. Under first year though it was under warranty. Had to replace driver side wiper after about 8 months after that.

Rear brakes went after around 30,000 miles. Rotors had to been completely replaced.

Daylight running lights just went out around 34,000 miles. These are under warranty.

General Comments:

Car drives great. Nice feel. Great passing power.

Comfortable interior. Inside center console could have bigger storage area. Glove compartment doesn't hold CD's that well.

Don't like the feel of ABS brakes in the snow.

Heated seats are a nice feature, seeing that driver and passenger seats work on separate controls.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

4th Mar 2005, 21:11

Wiper rubber refills are readily available for the Passat and all VW's at your dealer. I replaced the wiper rubber inserts 3 times in 3.5 years since my Passat was new, or about 1 set per year. If they tell you to buy the entire metal blade, you are being mislead.

Most wiper rubber inserts or refills do not last more than 1 year, especially if your car goes through winter with all the salt and grit on the windshield. The refills cost about $12 and take about 20 minutes to change.

2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8T from North America


I Love this Car!!!


Had all coils and spark plugs replaced. Apparently I was one of the first because the recall hadn't come out yet when I started having problems. So I visited the dealer 3 times for this problem. Also, adjusted doors, replaced 2 headlamps and 1 foglight. Adjusted headlamps. Recall on fuel tank armor in case of RR tire blow-out.

Replaced rear brakes due to rubbing noise and rattle in dash- not under warranty.

General Comments:

Quick car, silky transmission, great ride, nice handling, doesn't look cheap, very nice detail and trim. Awesomely solid build quality and economical.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2004

2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8T 1.8T from North America


Car is great, service and assistance is awful


Rear rotors replaced at 23,000 miles.

Ignition Coils replaced due to recall notice.

Radio/CD player replaced when the car was 6 months old after going out once before.

Engine oil sludge, car not drivable at 33,200.

General Comments:

I love this car, but VW of America and my dealership are not standing behind the engine oil sludge problem which has been address by VW of America through a letter sent to all Passat and Audi 1.8T owners.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2004

2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 turbo from North America


The service costs are too high for how often it will be in the shop


A month after I purchased the car it stalled and had to be taken to the dealership. They replaced the mass air flow sensor, but said they really couldn't tell what was wrong with it. Two months down the road the car stops running while on the freeway.

We had it towed to the dealership come to find out that the cam is ruined and the engine will have to be replaced. Since I purchased the car used I assumed the warranty from the original owners. Volkswagen is not honoring the warranty because I cannot prove that the previous owners did not service this vehicle.

Notice to potential buyers: Make sure you have all of the previous service records before purchasing this vehicle!

General Comments:

When this car is running right it is a great car to drive.

The seats are very comfortable. The car is very roomy.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2004

13th Dec 2005, 17:55

You can't blame a car on your poor purchase decision. If you don't buy certified, then you take major risk.