Passat R36 3.6

Serious sleeper... unassuming

168 words, Australia and New Zealand

Passat Highline 2.0 turbo

Amazing, powerful car to drive with near luxury feel

163 words, North America

Passat 1.4 petrol

The car is OK, but gas consumption is awful

31 words, Turkey

Passat Komfort Wagon 2.0L turbo

VW, please make the Passat Komfort into a mid-size SUV/wagon for us tall guys!

95 words, North America


Wish I didn't lease this car :(

45 words, North America

Passat Komfort Wagon 2.0L I4 turbo

Very nice car for the price - I don't get why wagons are not more popular in the U.S.

73 words, North America