21st Dec 2002, 17:31

I have had my 2002 Passat Wagon since May,02 and have had absolutely no problems for 12,000 miles - much better than my '99 Jeep. The ride is smooth and very quiet, the gas mileage is very good - 24 MPG in the city, and the 1.8T engine is unbelievably fast and powerful. Am I ever glad I did not spend the money for a V6! I love my VW.

I just hate the automatic door locks!

28th Dec 2002, 13:12

I would return my Passat if I could! I purchased my 2002 Passat this past June (2002) and I already regret it. With less than 7,000 miles on it, it has already been into the dealership for a faulty ignition coil! I had to wait for two weeks because of a backorder for the coils. When I spoke to VW Customer service, the representative refused to acknowledge that they had a problem. (Although you wonder why the parts are on backorder.) In addition, they refuse to replace the other coils even though everyone I have spoken to that had a coil replaced, had gone back again for more coil replacements. I drive home late at night from work, and I purchased a new car to feel safe. These days I do not feel safe in a Passat, and I have lost faith in VWs reputation. (FYI: While waiting to pick up my car yesterday from the VW repair shop, I started to speak to the woman in back of me, guess what: She was in for her second coil replacement!!!)

1st Feb 2003, 02:09

Apparently I made it further than most (24,000 miles) before the flashing engine light came on in my 2002 Passat. Diagnosis: coils. After replacing the coils the engine light came back on. I took the car back and they performed a "reset," but the light soon came back on again. This time they determined it needed a new catalytic converter. The wrong one was delivered however delaying the repair another week. To top it off my car was hit in their parking lot. I have been in four loaner/rental cars in the past month and regret buying a VW.

2nd Feb 2003, 10:04

I have a 2002 Passat and have just started experiencing - my car running on 3 cylinders. So I guess I am about to begin the 4 ignition coil replacement process. My question is why has there not been a recall, or why VW not addressed this problem responsibly? The Boston Globe has just published 2 articles that everyone should read, concerning this problem. If this problem continues to develop, I do not see why the consumer could not file a class action suit.

6th Feb 2003, 19:49

We purchased our 2002 Passat in November, 2001. Within 2 months the headlights failed. The dealer told us it was because the car has lights are on all day. We remained optimistic. Since then, another single headlight has gone, the radio failed intermittently, the air-conditioning broke (after a month of use), and the MIL light flashed for no reason and had to be reset. This all happened before the first coil failed in August of 2002. Since then, 2 more coils have failed (Nov. and Dec.). The radio failed again this week. What a terrible car.

8th Feb 2003, 03:17

Lets bring an International dimension to this... In the UK Passats are being left littered by the roadside as their coils fail too, including mine!! I was told by the man who towed mine away that 'we're doing 5 of these a day at the moment'.

No one can say when new ones will be fitted as the demand is so great that apparently they can't make or fit them fast enough. I've been told I may need to wait up to 4 months to get mine fixed.

What a disaster!!

25th Feb 2003, 13:39

Yipes. I just found that I have coil problems with my 2001 Passat. I really enjoy the car, but the confidence issue with the coils and the delay in fixing the problem has me depressed. I'm wondering if there are any third party suppliers.

5th Jun 2003, 16:33

My 2002 Passat has had all coils replaced twice... but not all 4 at the same time... only as they failed. I ranted to the customer satisfaction expert and was advised that I should take the car in for a complete diagnositc... at my expense... I paid for 4 coils I want to ride around with 4 coils, nothing less. This thing has been in the shop 5 times in 6 months...I don't know about you guys, but this is a lemon to me!

4th Oct 2003, 01:28

How's this for planned obsolesence, the car does not have just one coil, but FOUR??! What do they need 4 coils for?


12th May 2004, 20:23

4 cylinders = 4 coils. Most engines work this way now. The old distributer has gone the way of the do-do.

8th Sep 2004, 13:10

I have had my Passat 1.9TDI 130BHP SE saloon since January 2001 and have enjoyed 95,000 trouble free miles. It just runs and runs. The interior space, equipment levels, comfort, performance and economy are all excellent. I will seriously consider the Passat Highline 1.9TDI 130BHP as its replacement.

4th Oct 2006, 13:04

It is a love/hate relationship with my 2002 Passat wagon (1.8 Turbo). On one hand it is everything I want in a car, lots of room (love the wagon especially with a family and a dog), good performance, great looking, good gas mileage, comfortable, etc.

I bought it used with 44,000 miles on it and since then, in the 14 months I've owned it, the ignition coil has gone out (car had to be towed in), the solenoid needed to be replaced, dash display read out faded, sun roof stopped working (only when the temp rose above 65 degrees), heater doesn't work now (only when the temp dropped below 70 degrees) and the car is currently in the shop. Why hasn't VW done a recall on the ignition coil?

I'm so disappointed, and frustrated. I love this car, but with all the problems, I have to get rid of it. It came with a 24,000 mile certified pre-owned warranty (thankfully!) that has 2,200 left on it. By the time it runs out I will likely be in a different car.