20th Apr 2005, 11:59

I have experienced these same issues with my former---thank God---02 Passat 1.8T. Had five headlights, new headlight assembly, two stereos, two fuel gauges, four new rotars and pads... all in 38,000 miles. Finally just got rid of this POS for an 04 Acura TL. Will never buy a VW again or recommend them to anyone---except people I don't like.

Customer service is deplorable from VW Corporate to the dealer. Actual quote from the dealer, "I don't make the cars, I just sell them."

21st Aug 2008, 08:01

I too have fallen victim the the 2002 VW Passat problems. I bought the car with 34,000 miles and have replaced the headlights 3 times. I've also had problems after hard rains. The first time after the hard rain, I started my car and it felt like it was going to die. It would shake severely and the engine failure light would blink off and on. After I got the car going, it would drive fine. A few days later (after it dried out) the car would drive fine and the failure light would go off. Well, a few months later it happened again after the hard rain, so I drove it to a mechanic who said I had engine coil problems (500 dollar repair). 4 weeks later, the car messes up again and I take it back in who said it was the cam sensor and another engine coil (different mechanic, 450 repair). Yesterday we got a heavy down pour and you guessed it, started my car and once again it's driving like crap. I'm about to trade this thing in and forever turn my back on VW.

2nd Feb 2010, 17:08

Have a 2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 turbo petrol. Got it last month and only put on 300 miles so far.

3 bulbs went, CV joint went, brake sensors went, exhaust sensor went, and now the oil pressure light and stop is coming up, and it sounds like a diesel and is dead on power. The engine is on the way out I'd say.

I had a 1996 Mazda 323F for the last 5 years, and all I ever had to change were the tyres. I got the Passat so I would have comfort and reliability ha. So far just comfort. Never again.

7th Sep 2010, 12:09

Every single one of these comments is exactly what I'm going through. 2002 turbo 1.8 5 speed Passat.

I forgot one detail: it's a POS! Engine coils, oxygen sensors, now another coil and another oxygen sensor. It's every other week. I will be lucky to not have to pay to get rid of it.

The only thing going for me is it looks beautiful on the outside.

Right now, the problem I'm having is when I start it up and it's idling, it shakes like crazy. MIL light is on and flashes. Goes off the next week. Back on the next day...