30th Oct 2009, 13:56

"the Passat is a terrible waste of time and money, which is simply not true"

I respectfully disagree, sir. Volkswagens, in general, are money pits. Have you worked on them? Didn't think so...

4th Sep 2010, 15:36

I have heard a lot of bad comments on these cars... I decided to buy one anyway ($1000)! The truth of the matter is, most people don't know how to shop for parts! Most parts on these cars you can buy aftermarket for 10% of OEM price. For instance, the ICM (ignition control module/high failure rate) OEM is over $400! I found one for $50 delivered ebay! 3 years later and still going! Most of the time, the aftermarkets are better quality! Stick with USA parts if you can find them. Junk yards are a good place to find "good" parts for these. Most of the time when something expensive breaks, the owner will just scrap it and get a tax write off.

22nd Jan 2016, 02:54

Well it's Jan 2016, 10 years since I wrote this review and time for an update.

My wife didn't quite reach the goal I'd set for her of 100k miles before I would buy her another car, but 18 years seemed long enough.

The car is just turning 80k and has run me $17k more during that decade.

My maintenance estimate was woefully low. It's cost another $8k. But except for a new steering rack, it had been nothing but routine items, tires, brakes, TB, water pump, fluid changes, belts, hoses, batteries, filters, oil changes.

Over 80,000 miles the MPG has dropped to 24. And the total cost per mile is down to 75 cents/mile.

The car still looks and drives as well as it did a decade ago. As I wrote then I've too much invested in this car to ever sell it. So now it is our family back up in case either of our other vehicles has a problem.

I don't know if I'll ever get the car to 100k miles with its new limited use, but it's been a trusty companion to my wife for nearly 20 years.