11th Apr 2008, 23:22

I own an 2002 4 cyl Passat and a 2007 4 cyl Passat. The 02 has 65,000 and the 07 has just under 4,000 miles.

The 02 has had a variety of issues, which is surprising for a car with only 65K. The latest development is what I believe is a bad left front wheel bearing. It also has developed an oil leak (not coming from the pan). It's a great car to drive, feels very solid, "feels" safe. But after only a little over 5 years, it now looks and feels more like a car that is 10 years old. I know what a 10 year old car is like because my 98 Ford just died. It made it to 189,000 miles. I can't imaging my 02 Passat will ever come close to that.

The 07 seems to be a fine car. It includes just about every gee gaw in the world. But, if you have driven a Pre-06 Passat any amount of time, then driven a 06 or later Passat, you will see at once that the newest model is not even close to being as solid. (sounds like a contradiction to what I said above, I know). Do the math: sells for about same price as pre-06, plus the US Dollar has dropped about 30% against Euro (Passat is made in Germany). So... VW cut corners. It does not seem as quiet, the carpet does not seem like the same quality, the moon room is much smaller, etc.

That said, there are NO other cars on the market that (can) have 8 airbags (counting optional side rear bags, which I have) that you can drive out of the showroom new (with negotiation) for under $23,000.


19th Feb 2009, 06:21

Proud owner of a 2008 Passat sedan 2.0 turbo 6-speed manual.

Did I have problems with it? I did. Reverse light stopped working after only 7,000 miles. Dealer service proved to be competent... so far.

Am I getting rid of it ASAP? As long the brakes, engine, gearbox, suspension and the wheels don't fall off... No. I'm not getting rid of it... yet.

The Passat may not be the most reliable car on the road, but it sure is one of the nicest cars you can buy for less than 30 grand. Seriously, I would sacrifice a bit of "peace of mind" buying a Volkswagen instead of a Toyota.

I had a rental Camry 3.5 V6 for a week. Surely, the Camry was more powerful and probably would be more reliable in the long run, but driving a Camry is like being dead. You have no control over the car, the steering is way too overlight, the brakes cut in too early and the gearbox is never willing to let the engine run freely - Don't think for one moment, that because I drive an stick shift and I'm one of the close minded purists who hate automatics OK? I did try an automatic Passat 2.0T, it was very nice but I found the manual to be more enjoyable - I just hated the Camry's automatic gearbox, that's all.

Oh yes and not to mention that 268 Hp and FWD = HORRIFIC TORQUE STEER. Ah and there was a squeak sound from the driver's seat and rattles from the dashboard. Typical rental car foibles, perhaps?

The Camry is not bad it just isn’t for me, thanks.

Anyway, I still love my mocha brown Passat.

Would I recommend this car? Yes.

Seriously, go drive one and you will realize why people still buy VWs despite their recent appalling reliability record. Volkswagens do not drive like other mass market cars. They drive better and they offer luxury for an affordable price.

There's more to worry about a car than just reliability.

19th Feb 2009, 23:15

After following a brand new Passat for two miles last week, I almost rear ended it. Slammed on my brakes at the last second. It took me another half mile of following it to figure what was going on. Most of the time the brake lights worked, but about of quarter of time they didn't. This was a brand new car, only 20 days off the dealer lot according to the tags.

I really wish Volkswagen could get their act together because I hear they drive great, and I sure think they look great. But I've got two kids and I've got to consider other factors as more important.

21st Feb 2009, 06:54

If a Volkswagen Passat doesn't work, there is always the good old Subaru Legacy to save the day. Good looking, reasonably luxurious and sporty. Just like the Passat, except the Scooby is a whole lot more reliable than the Veedub.

15th Sep 2009, 08:07

I have a 2006 1.9 Passat (reg May 2005). Had some trouble with it. Clutch broke at 46 000km and a door bolt needed to be changed. VW fixed it for free.

10th Nov 2011, 14:54

I have a VW Passat Turbo 2006, and it has been nothing but trouble. I loved the look of the car, wanted a VW for a long time. Walk away, find something that is not a "new" design that they were experimenting on as a motor and chaise. Unless money is not an issue for you, do not buy.