7th Nov 2010, 09:00

Wow!!! I was looking at a really nice 2002 Passat Wagon GLX V6 with only 66K miles, and seriously considering to buy it. After reading all those horrible reviews about 2002 Passat, I would definitely pass. Really can't afford the high repair/maintenance bills. Luckily I came across this website.

8th Dec 2010, 22:13

So this past weekend, I took my 2001.5 Passat to Meineke for an oil change & free winter check. Anyway, now (4-days later) 300 miles later I get the Alternator Workshop message.

Car sounds fine and was able to drive it and park it at home. Wonder if it'll start in the morning? And how much further I can drive since getting the message 3-miles from home?

8th Jun 2011, 13:08

As I read in read all your issues, I have the same oil pressure issue and Volkswagen said I was past the warranty cause I was over in the miles... I think it's crazy for them to have these cars out and not recall them. It will benefit them and the owners.

I would never EVER own another Volkswagen car even if it was handed to me for free. Never again! Lesson learned and money wasted!

Do yourselves a favor and get rid of your Volkswagen and encourage others not to buy Volkswagen!

3rd Aug 2011, 18:31

I also had a sludge problem, and VW notified me at 97000.00 miles that the problem will hit at 97000 miles. The car did have a blockage, and VW paid for the engine rebuild. The warning is to only use synthetic oil and premium fuel. The car always used premium fuel and oil as recommended in the owner's manual. The warning prompted the oil switch to synthetic oil.

The car now has 195000.00 miles with no issues, but a new automatic transmission.

Patience is important, as most repair issues are with people neglecting repairs. I say fix as diagnosed, and you can get many trouble free miles. VW will fix issues as needed under warranty, but high mileage cars are a risk always. I have not owned a car with less than 175000.00 miles when retired, so I know what the issues will be. A lemon is always a problem to avoid, so get cars with good records.

17th Dec 2011, 18:02

I have a 2002 VW Passat 1.8 T with 197,000 miles.

I had the car towed once for a check engine light and a warning to stop the motor. I did, and the car was returned to the dealer, who at 98,000 cleaned all the sludge out of the engine, and split the cost as I had used conventional oil.

The warning arrived at 98,500 to my home, stating that I need to use synthetic oil, and would have these problems otherwise.

At 190,000, the automatic transmission stopped working in reverse, and needed to be replaced with a rebuilt one at $3,700.00, that would have a 12,000 mile warranty. That transmission was replaced under that warranty at 193,000 miles.

At 194,000 miles, the sludge problem was an issue, and required the engine be cleaned and flushed for $1400.00. The other major service was a new ABS traction control module at about $700.00 at 180,000.

I like the car and am patient. I replace timing belts at 60,000 miles, and brakes and tires as needed. At this mileage, the alternator is failing, and since new wagons are very expensive, I choose to repair. Each car I have owned has at least 180,000 miles. The only thing I have ever gotten with a new car is a depleted bank account.

Reliability at tens of thousands of miles is always an issue. Follow maintenance schedules and lower the estimates, as replacing belts early is much cheaper than fixing engine damage. You must follow warnings, as sludge warning lights mean the engine oil distribution is blocked, and the engine will seize if you continue driving. Most issues can be avoided by heeding the warnings. And get AAA towing service.

Hope this helps.

18th Dec 2011, 19:58

I can't believe all the headaches and expenses these cars come with! You would think for the price you pay, you would get some sort of reliability! Some of my friends have had VWs and big issues with them too, like engine sludge at low mileage, so I believe it I guess.

I only drive old school Chevys from the late 70's and 80's. I've never been late for work because of my car or truck, and I've never broken down ever! Go figure...

I have lent out my beat up 79 Chevy pickup to friends too many times after their fancy new car is broken down. Ah, the irony... My girlfriend had to drive my 86 Caprice after her 2004 Accord trans bit the dust. My friend had a massive oil leak and engine failure on the freeway in his 2006 VW GTI, and I had to lend him my truck (LOL!) so he could get to work while his car was in the shop for months... that's why I buy old Chevys!

Also the older Chevys are super cheap to buy, insure and operate. Parts are easy to find and inexpensive, easy to install. No computers or sensors, no "check engine" lights. A bit higher in gas cost, but low maintenance cost more than compensates. Bulletproof reliability when compared to something like, let's say, a 2002 Passat!! LOL.

As well they run on regular gas, and regular oil!

16th Apr 2012, 09:40

I feel your pain. I truly have the love-hate relationship with my Passat.

28th Apr 2012, 13:17

2002 Passat 1.8T with 135,000 miles.

Oil pressure STOP light came on yesterday and the car all but seized completely before I could get it off the road. I have never missed a routine maintenance, and always the full synthetic oils, which cost a lot of money. Dealer wants $500 to drop the oil pan and just have a "look" at it, before he gives me an estimate on the repair cost.

This car has been a huge money suck from day 1. I think I could have bought 2 new cars with the repair money I spent over the past few years. Good bye VW forever.

31st May 2012, 13:44

Bought my 2002 VR6 wagon about 2 years ago with 135k miles. I now have almost 160k.

The dealer I bought it from lost money I'm sure; it had a "miss", which ended up being a valve job. It's probable the timing belt broke and damaged the engine. 2k later, I get the car and it's awesome.

Had to replace.

1. Ignition coil (about to do it again, about $130 easy to change).

2. Blinker/Hazard controller in dash ($30, easy to change).

3. Evaporator ($1500).

4. Bypassed heater core (don't want to tear apart the dash).

For almost 2 years, the car has run well considering the mileage. I paid 4k for it, and have put about 2k in (1k/year) which is much, much less than a $400/month payment.