1991 Volkswagen Polo Fox 1.1L from UK and Ireland


Absolute joy with typical VW reliability


Engine has got more rattly as the miles clock up. Have been told the tappets need replacing, but she still goes strong.

General Comments:

I got rid of a 2.0 litre Ford Mondeo for a VW Polo and never looked back. This car seemed to run better in the cold, and has never gone wrong.

The car has just passed another MOT, and the only problem is that the engine sounds like a bag of spanners and is getting louder.

This car certainly outruns its newer models, and is an absolute pleasure to drive.

NO power steering, traction control, or ABS; exactly how driving should be.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2009

1991 Volkswagen Polo Break Bel Air 1.0 liters from France


Little, reliable, durable and great fun car


None, this was a wonderful car. Very reliable, very durable, well built, it was very tight. It never developed noises or other problems.

General Comments:

This was a very enjoyable car. It had a soft top operated by an electric motor with a button on the dashboard. This was standard equipment for this Bel-Air model, but the mechanics where the most modest ones from the range: a 1.0 liters engine and a 4 gears manual transmission. Anyway, the engine was quite peppy for ´the size and absolutely capable for this car. This car was really nice and cheerful. I have had after this car BMW´s and Mercedes, mostly, but this one I will never forget.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2007

1991 Volkswagen Polo CL Coupe Fox 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Amazing first car and great run-around


Front shock absorbers needed replacing due to one leaking.

Clutch pedal became a bit sticky, but is fine now it has been oiled.

General Comments:

Great run-around.

Great visibility all around.

Well built body that can withstand punishment.

Interior design leaves a lot to be desired though nothing a few slip on seat covers won't fix.

Gigantic 4 litre windscreenwasher tank.

Engine can get very hot when going up steep hills on hot days.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2006

1991 Volkswagen Polo cl 1.0 petrol from Poland


Very excellent car


Nothing much wrong has happened with the car while I've had I still it!!!.

Except for the usual the a new battery and light globes.

General Comments:

IT is a dynamic car and very comfortable and it won't break in the near future. Volkswagen is a very good car becouse its German not French citroen breaks very easily and has expensive parts, but Volkswagen doesn't have very expensive parts and it doesn't break as easily as a French car and is a very cheap car to run.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2005

14th Jul 2008, 06:31

Actually, new(ish) Citroen's often have a better build quality than VW's. Parts are also cheaper for Citroen's.

1991 Volkswagen Polo Fox 1.0 petrol from Portugal


If only it was a Golf..


The radiator had to be changed.

It's starting to show a little too much rust.

The front passenger seat doesn't work, which makes me get of the car whenever anyone wants to get in.

The dashboard lights are starting to fade.

General Comments:

I really like this car.

It's very good, when moving through the city traffic.

However, because of the poor engine, the running costs are very high.

It had never let me down.

It's a great first car, because it's tough enough to suffer all of my mistakes.

The biggest problem for me is the engine.

I drive long distances very often, and I feel that my car should be just a little bigger with a bit more engine.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

1991 Volkswagen Polo GT coupe 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Rare super mini


Second clutch went at 130,000.

Original throttle switch went at 100,000.

Original alternator went at 134,000.

Original front wheel bearings starting to get noisy.

Interior trim all over car starting to rattle.

General Comments:

Very fun to drive, but can catch you out when you're not paying attention.

Factory brakes absolutely crap, due to master cylinder too small and front brake pipes expanding giving spongy feel. fitted a passat master cylinder and braided pipes to overcome this.

Cat knocked out being a 91 model, don't need it and can feel the difference in power.

Induction kit fitted and then removed due to fuel freezing!!!.Air box drilled and new panel filter fitted.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2003

26th Dec 2006, 18:02

Good on ya sham. Up Limerick!!!