1994 Volkswagen Polo Boulevard 1.0 AAU from UK and Ireland


Good car, with early fuel injection issues


Cold start issues.

Won't start from cold until you've nearly worn the whole battery out. Then starts semi-idling on 2 cylinders for a bit until it kicks into life. Then it's fine.

New fuel tank; I damaged the old one.

New exhaust, they go eventually...

Cam belt and water pump, I decided to change it just in case.

General Comments:

The car is good, tough and reliable. Fuel injection systems of those years are poor, and so I have been troubled by this cold start issue for about 1.5 years now. Taken it to a mechanic and they just look at you blankly.

The car somehow manages to do 100mph, however it does feel like flying with Ryanair. Its bike thick wheels means you have to make sure you enter any wet corner pretty slowly if you want to go round.

4 gears is a bit annoying; I am sure a 5th would have worked fine, but 2nd is good for around 45mph.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2007

19th Jul 2010, 04:24

I am learning to drive at the moment and I have bought one fairly recently and I agree the car is very good quality. When I bought mine, it had done 79000 which was in December 2009 and was in excellent condition and a brilliant first car.

14th Mar 2012, 01:48


I am learning to drive in October this year.

My uncle owns a garage and has just managed to get hold of one for me.

I have found an L reg one with ONLY 28,000 miles on it.

Cannot wait to learn now.

I have been told by my uncle - "it is a fabulous car, and all my mechanics wanted it as a second car" - but he gave it to me instead.

Woohooo. Whoever has got one - HAVE FUN.

1994 Volkswagen Polo Coupe Genesis 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Perfect small good looking shopping car


My poor Polo was hit by a Lexus GS400 (big).

The only damage was a dented wing and a wheel bearing. Tough little nut this car.

The seats have developed a squeak recently, which I can't fix with wd40.

Apart from that the handle came off the window winder, more likely me being too rough with it.

General Comments:

Performance is no more than you would expect from a 1 litre, but 43 miles per gallon on the last tank of petrol.

Only four gears so would be even more economical with five.

Plenty of room front and back with enough room for the shopping.

Handling is excellent, it's light, and nimble, and the brakes are excellent.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2006

1994 Volkswagen Polo Parade Coupe 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Good, economical car, of which I've got a duff example


No faults other than an intermittent cut-out, that has ruined the experience of the car. It's been at VW specialists, electricians, and VW franchise (the latter particularly uselesss) to no avail. Had 2 new distributors, & coil, meaning it has become a very costly.

General Comments:

Know others who have these and have few problems. Mine would be great if someone could cure its stalling. I've been lucky with where its lost power so far, but its certainly a dangerous fault.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2003

6th Oct 2004, 06:59

Check the connections on the low voltage side of the ignition coil. I had a similar problem with another car - the dealer was expensive and useless, the trusty backstreet mechanic couldn't help either, but at least didn't charge. Turned out to be intermittent contact at the low-voltage side connector to the ignition coil. Solved it forever by greasing the pins with conductive grease - the stuff you can buy for battery terminals, with some ground pencil core added (graphite). Don't short the two pins accidentally though.

Symptoms: misfires (engine shaking when idling, followed by a blipin revs when EMU tried to compensate) ; cutout when on the move - total loss of power, mostly the engine would kick back in, occasionally not, sometimes would subsequently turn over, but not catch. Some embarrassing situations at roundabouts, some scary moments in the fast lane on motorway.. Good luck.

1994 Volkswagen Polo Fox 1.0i from UK and Ireland


Great car, very reliable


Winding down the window for the first time I heard a crack and the window dissappeared... needed new window regulator, £10 from scrappy and a footery yet simple replacement.

Glove box (area) cover broke off, still not fixed as it sits in nicely.

Exhaust support hooks went weak under car and exhaust fell off easily, £5 welding job.

Exhaust split down middle making the tailpipe tap off the body when car at idle.

Right suspension strut failed at MOT, not dampening, £50 new strut, £20 fitting.

Fuel tank rotted gets fixed tomorrow morning, new tank £70 and £30 fitting.

General Comments:

The car is rather quick considering it only has a 1043cc engine, easily fly past all my friends with their 1.0's.

The fox variant interior sucks, got a new set from scrappy £15 and seat covers very cheap.

The wiring loom is very modern compared to most the cars age.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2003

1994 Volkswagen Polo mk 3 genesis 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A very reliable and very cheap to run


The tail pipe of the exhaust once fell off because the car was over loaded.

General Comments:

The car is very cheap to run, and handles very well. When I bought it it had done very low mileage and had only had 2 owners before me so it was in very good condition.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2003