2006 Volkswagen Polo Sedan Comfortline 1.4 turbo diesel from South Africa


The Polo 1.4TDI is ayoba


Clutch failed at 192000Km - still original one though.

First stage of aircon not working.

Tail lights constantly need to be replaced.

Temp selector intermittently works.

General Comments:

My car has great fuel consumption. After driving 300km at +- 130Km/H, the gauge did not even move.

I get about 1000 Km per tank.

It has good power for a small power plant 1.4TDI. It performs the 1.7TDI of Opel, and some other brands.

Rear passenger leg room is a bit small, however there is sufficient space in the boot.

Car handles well, smooth steering and mechanics.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2010

2006 Volkswagen Polo E 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Overall, I would advise anyone to consider this high quality, comfortable, value for money cute car


I am 20 years old and this is my second VW Polo. I bought my first Polo, a 52 plate in March 2005, a wonderful little car (and it may sound stupid, but I miss it dreadfully to this day) which I part exchanged for my current Polo in July 2006. The reason for me part exhanging so soon? I did have a few problems with my last car, and was lucky enough to agree a good finance deal for a brand new Polo. It was a good opportunity, which had to be taken.

I did consider other choices, mainly the Renault Clio, but still returned to the Polo. It has just had its first servicing at 9700 miles, the only fault noted was that the rear windscreen washer had become disconnected. Otherwise, I have not had any problems whatsoever with this car - and may that continue!

General Comments:

This car is spacious enough in the front for a car in this category. The only problem I would note is that it would be a squash in the 3 door such as mine I believe, to squeeze three people in the back if they are tall like myself comfortably. Otherwise, the seats are comfortable.

The quality of the cabin plastics etc is high, with no squeaks and rattles. There is also plenty of handy areas to store bits and pieces in the car.

The basic radio is also of good quality, which comes with CD player and is MP3 compatible.

Fuel consumption is excellent, and it sticks to the road and is fairly nippy when overtaking.

Road noise is nothing more than you would expect for this category of car, and it is very easy to park with good visibility. The car also has good boot space.

I had mud flaps fitted to my car (which I would advise), and also had front fog lamps fitted, which is an extra for the basic model.

My one niggle on this car which remains in the back of my mind is this, and it is one that, when I do trade in this car in the future, would still make me consider another brand - that is safety. I have the basic model in the range and it comes only with two front airbags, and not even side airbags. I believe this is very poor, when other cars in the class, such as the Renault Clio are very well equipped for roughly the same price. It would not protect me in an accident as well as another car would. VW should improve their safety equipment in all cars, whether it be the basic Polo or the top of the range Polo - and that would be my only doubt about getting another one. I also believe the front headlights could be brighter when driving at night. Compared to my last Polo, they are much duller.

That aside, I have also been extremely pleased with my dealer. I have the car serviced at a different dealer from where I bought the car (it is too far away) and I can only give them 10/10. They are very helpful. I was also impressed with the dealer from where I bought the car - it was delivered with half a tank of petrol which I thought was rather good. Customer care is excellent at VW.

I would have not hesitation in recommending the Polo to friends and family.

The advert says 'the tough new Polo'. And it is true. I love my Polo, have been very impressed with it, and will keep it for years to come.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

10th May 2007, 10:34

You will find that any Polo model other than the 'E' spec will have four airbags as standard. Also, ALL Polo models have ABS brakes - rare on the whole range in most other superminis. I also believe that the Polo is actually a stronger car in the first place - that means a lot in small car safety! I wouldn't drive any other small car.