2008 Volkswagen Polo United 1.4 TDI from Spain


Very good, not so cheap-to-run little car


Driver's electric window stopped working at 55000 km; cheap to fix.

Rear seats would not fold at around 60000 km; very expensive to fix, because the piece that had broken was very difficult to access.

Front brake discs have had to be replaced at 100000 km.

General Comments:

The best thing about this car is the fuel economy; about 4.5 litres per 100 km if driven at 90 km/h; 5 litres at 120 km/h; and 6 at 140 km/h.

Handling is excellent, stability very good, dynamically an excellent car with great grip, good with wet weather, excellent brakes...

Seating is comfortable enough, but not great.

Stereo system is very good.

All in all, however, I regret having bought this car. Servicing is very expensive, which means that, despite the unbelievable fuel economy, running costs are average.

All in all, I have spent around 2000 euros for servicing and repairs on this car in 2 and a half years and a little over 50,000 km. I have always taken the car to the official Volkswagen dealer, which is extremely expensive.

There also seems to be a chronic untraceable fault with the electrical system, which means that the lights on a few occasions start to suddenly flicker, as though there was not enough electrical power to feed them - can be disturbing at night.

I expected this to be a more utilitarian, simpler, more practical car, but, despite its small size, it is an incredibly safe, stable, Porsche-handling car, with all that comes with that: very complex and sophisticated parts, which drive the running costs all the way up.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2013

14th Jun 2013, 23:35

Thank you for your honest comments. My son's Jetta had many electrical problems, so this seems to be constant source of irritation with certain VW models. Many of your comments could easily apply to the BMW 3-series autos owned by my other son and by my daughter. It is strange to hear folks talk about "German quality", when most of the VW cars are built in OTHER countries, and thus LACK the high quality once associated with German made products! Here in North America, we receive Golfs and New Beetles made in Mexico, and the poor construction and constant repair hassles are legendary!