20th Dec 2003, 13:04

This is surely a biased review. £10 worth of petrol used in 2 days? The mileage covered during that period must have been 150 miles or more!!!

The Polo is a solid and durable car which will outlast by far any Peugeot, Renault etc. I do agree that current VW quality control could be improved, but once any new teething problems have been sorted out and if the cars are serviced according to schedule, they should be very reliable and reward the owners with years of loyal service. I have owned a Polo for 2 years and have nothing, but praise for the car which has a quality feel in every aspect when compared to other cars which I have previously owned.

8th Mar 2006, 19:43

As an owner of a 1.2 2002 VW Polo, I have to disagree with your comments. I do a lot of motorway driving and £10 petrol takes me from Birmingham to London (110 miles). In my opinion, there is no other small car out there that can compare to a VW Polo. We had a Peugeot 405 as a family car at one point and it gave consistent problems, so much so that I would never consider a Peugeot again. Having driven the 206 model on a test drive when decide which small car to buy, I found that the drive was not as smooth, and the car did not feel as solid and safe as the VW Polo I bought in the end.

My Conclusion.

Peugeot and VW cannot be adequately compared as I do not think they are really in the same class.

9th Mar 2006, 06:12

It seems to me that the original comment is complete rubbish. You cannot give a fair review on a courtesy car you had for a few days. They have named it a piece off crap, yet nothing had gone wrong with it while their Peugeot was in the garage getting fixed, very amusing. I don’t drive a VW or a Peugeot, but I did get a Peugeot when my Vauxhall was being repaired, the 206 broke down 6 hours into driving it, the ABS brakes locked up stranding the car. It seems to me the reviewer is just bitter as he couldn’t afford the price of VW’s and therefore took out his anger on this smart reliable little car.