2nd Sep 2005, 14:48

I have 1043cc engined polo on 1992 k reg and it's a job to get it to go to 60 never mind in under 10 seconds! paid 60 quid for it cos head gasket and other little things to fix. Has been a little gem for running around only 30k done and loads left hope to keep it for a while yet.Only 4 speed though which makes it a bit thirsty but not too bad

4th Apr 2006, 17:46

I got a 1991 J-reg with 52,000 miles in 2004 - now has 63,000 on it. Lovely runner, love to drive her - agree with most of the points on speed (mine maxed out at 96mph), economy, comfort (I'm kinda fat and she gives me a swell ride).

Two head gasket failures - first due to age, second due to poor repairs of the first - replaced the tyres, got a new distributor - aside from that she runs like a dream and has been cheap.

Recently passed MOT with no problems - guys at garage v. fond of it and expressed their praise at the MOT as they gave it to the most stringent inspector who found no problems.

Have taken her to university, running back and forth every few months and commuting to work weekly - am planning a trip to Paris soon though - any advice on whether she's up to it?

Oh, paint faded to pink as mentioned above - hence cheap price (£600) - however polished and used some T-Cut on her today and the colour came right back out - she looks brand new.

After two years of service I'm hoping to be with her for some time yet - perfect first car and my pride and joy!

4th Apr 2010, 10:26

Hi, we have a Polo Coupe 1992. Had it 13 years and it has never let us down, short runs out in all weather and is a cracking little run about. Reluctant to part with it as we have cleaned and polished it, and it has only done 47 thousand miles. People ask to buy it off us all the time, ours is red too and has been a pleasure to own.

4th Sep 2010, 02:22

I bought a bent Fox in Feb 2004 off the internet. Price then including unbending £950. Have done circa 15,000 local running since. Have just replaced the head gasket for the second time, not difficult with the right tools. Sits outside, starts every time, bit noisy, but otherwise very good value for money. Saves me using my 3.0L V6 Peugeot for short runs and suits the wife for shopping. Was going to scrap it last Feb, but the man at KWIKFIT said it had a few more years left, so replaced the steering bellows.

Seagull, Sussex.

28th Jun 2011, 06:56

I picked up a 1994 1.0 Polo up for £50. OK, it had no note, but hasn't cost much to get back on road; front brakes, fuel tank, and 2 patches welded up.


Fuel tanks are bad for rotting on the bottom of the filler neck, dirt and water gets trapped between it and the wheel arch. £70 for a tank, and it's an easy 1 hour replacement on the floor with basic tools and a jack.

Check jacking points and sills for holes; can be bad, but if caught soon, will only be small, not a big job to repair.

Brakes pulling to a side is normal for this car, it's to do with the anti-roll bar setup.

Fun car to drive and very easy to work on. Panels and windows are very easy to replace.

We spent 300 on ours, and it's like a new car. Did all work myself as it's my trade. But these are a great car to have!


Rusty Laidler.