25th Jan 2002, 10:21

Blimey you have had bad luck. I really love the mark 4 polos and want one as my second car. After reading your review I am re thinking the idea, maybe a punto or cavalier instead. Thanx for the info, and good review.

27th Aug 2003, 02:51

I have a 1997 polo hatchback, its been very reliable so far, but the left side seems to be heavy while turning, the car has power steering. I have checked the air pressure in my tires, and it is perfect.

Has anyone else had the same problem?

And if so, what was actually wrong with it?

7th Feb 2004, 02:54

About 20 years ago my father had a 30 years old, but very reliable Beetle. My dream was purchasing a brand new VW some day.

At long last I bought new VW Polo Classic 30 month ago in Hungary. I bought that because of the brand name, the nice shape and relatively low price.


The following problems had been arisen.

- Gas escaped from the air conditioner. I had to complain a lot to the dealers. After three repairing attempt they finally fixed the problem.

- Both rear electric windows went wrong. Right one was replaced, but I have to pay half price. Here is only one year guarantee for these parts. I fixed the other one myself and noticed that only adjusting problem caused the wrong operation. In addition, the plastic cover of the door was scratched inn the service. Miraculously, I could take apart the other one correctly. They changed that free of charge.

- It is very hard to close the left back door. It is impossible to adjust that properly.


Sometimes, I was very angry in the last 30 month, because of these faults, but I still love my car.

My wife is also not perfect, but I love her. I won't divorce her if she get a flu. :)

Polo has good engine and huge boot that was missing in my previous car (Seat Ibiza). The inner design is beautiful. However, I am going to change this car, because of my increasing family. There is not enough space for my children in the back seats any more.

4th Jun 2004, 07:43

There is a recall on the 1.0 Polo/Lupo/Arosa engine in Europe, seems There is a problem with a too narrow oil pipe in the engine which makes the oil turn into black/grey gum.

Result: total engine failure and a new engine has to be fitted.

Took VW over 4 years to admit this although the problem was know since 1998.

I had the same problem in my 1998 Arosa after 9 months, the dealer told me that several 1.0 engines had the same problem and they would only do something if the whole engine blocks up.

I changed the oil to 100% synthetic and this helped to keep the problem under control (just).

20th Aug 2005, 02:07

We have just taken a 1999 1.4 Polo back to the private dealer and got a refund (minus £200) because it kept cutting out in low gears. The car had been repaired by a VW dealership a month before we bought it, costing the dealer £400, for the same problem. The garage's attitude when we took it in was nothing short of a disgrace. For a VW dealership they seemed to know very little about their own cars. They had it for two weeks and couldn't identify the problem and then tried to charge us a further £300 in diagnostics.

20th Oct 2010, 11:33

I bought a '96 one of these for £600 and had 2 years of brilliant trouble free motoring from it (aside from an occasionally sticky ignition barrel).

I have had to get rid due to MOT failure on a variety of things I could not afford to rectify, but my mechanic is now using it as his courtesy car!