1984 Volkswagen Quantum from North America


A Ultra-reliable vehicle


Temp sensor went out at around 45K...took about 10 minutes and 10 dollars at the local parts store to replace.

The motor for the slide-back sunroof broke... replacement was too expensive at the time (broke college student) so I simply used the manual hand crank inside the control box on the ceiling.

Was totaled by the side impact of a dump-truck that ran a stop-sign. (however I can't really fault the car for that... although the fact that I'm still alive speaks wonders for the saftey factor of the car)

General Comments:

Great car... fantastically reliable. Started first time, every time... even when the temp dropped to -17 F.

It was driven hard by a broke college kid (me) and didn't receive all the maintenance it should have and still it kept running perfectly.

If they still made these I'd most certainly buy another one.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

24th Jun 2004, 03:25

Volkswagen still does make the Quantum, they call it the Passat now. I doubt though that the new Passat is anything like the old Quantum.

28th Nov 2009, 17:53

I agree with the reliability... but forget about it when any Quantum gets over 100,000; nothing but problems.

1984 Volkswagen Quantum stationwagon turbo diesel from North America


Gets me from point A to point B and hasn't broken down on me - yet!


All of the windows are powered, but the two rear ones don't go down anymore b/c the mechanics broke the wires in the doors..didn't feel like paying them to fix it.

Car in good condition for age.

Seats/material/interior excellent condition.

Great for driving in icy weather-manual.

Sounds like a tank b/c of diesel engine.

General Comments:

Good pick-up.

Good mileage-32/45.

Original paint job- still mint condition.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

4th Jan 2003, 14:48

That's a pretty rare car you got. Most Quantums are hard to find, the ones with a diesel engine are even scarcer. Does it have the 4WD?

1984 Volkswagen Quantum Sedan 2.1Liter 5-cylinder from North America


Good daily driver, very solid


The speedometer read 15-20 MPH higher than the actual speed.

The emergency brake cable rusted and snapped.

The gas gauge never worked.

The odometer stopped rolling at 99,000 miles.

The gears ground often going into reverse.

Headlight aiming screws cracked, it was impossible to find replacements for them. Headlights were never aimed correctly, the light beams shook all over the road whenever I hit a bump.

Very loud engine, and took a few cranks to get started.

Rusting in a few areas, mostly the front doors.

3 power window motors failed, only replaced 1 of them.

Ball joint failed at 70 mph...

_Almost_ overheats in traffic, and after idling for a long period.

Floorboards had small leaks, duct tape was useful.

Leaked oil slowly, slightly.

General Comments:

This car was very roomy despite its small size, and the seats were very comfortable. It seated five teenagers comfortably. Big trunk.

The instrument panel was very well designed, easy access to everything.

The manual transmission shifted smoothly, but not effortlessly.

The engine was strong and passing other cars wasn't hard, acceleration was reasonable.

I got close to 27 miles per gallon, but every long trip was a gamble with no working gas gauge and odometer!

Front disk brakes and rear drums had plenty of stopping power.

A ball joint failed at 70 MPH on the highway, and German engineering might have saved my life. The rotor didn't separate from the rest of the car and I was able to skid to safety. Later, I found that the same thing had happened to the other side of the car before I bought it. It was a good daily driver even after all of that trauma.

I'm after the 4x4 Quantum wagon.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2002

8th Jul 2006, 22:39

I own a 1984 Quantum and it is AWESOME!!! Good power, great mpg and really comfy. Paid $1000 bucks for it and wouldn't replace it with a car that costs 5 times as much.

9th Mar 2010, 10:23

I have an opportunity to buy a 1984 Quantum for 600. Should I make this purchase?

1986 Volkswagen Quantum SW GL 2.2L 5cil. from North America


Nice piece, will go for a Passat next


Replaced left front side CV joint, brake rotors and pads.

General Comments:

I like this car. It is my second Quantum.

First one's engine got broken, and I didn't bother to fix it, since I bought another one for $750, which is less then I would spend on an engine replacement.

It's the most underestimated car in the USA. Maybe it cost a lot when it was new, but now 10-15 years later you can buy it cheap, gives you a lot of car for less bucks.

When I bought it, it had no power options, so I installed power windows, central lock, power sunroof myself.

No complaints so far....

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Review Date: 18th July, 2000

2nd Nov 2009, 19:00

Where would I get a catalog to buy those parts for power windows and sunroof?

1983 Volkswagen Quantum GL Wagon 1.7L I-4 from North America


The stock alternator was weak and broke. It was replaced with a new one, and it is fine now.

The CV joints broke and were replaced; and now at 70,000, they are on the verge of breaking again.

The valve cover seal was worn out and the car leaked oil.

A few hoses from the cooling system were replaced recently.

General Comments:

The Quantum (called Passat in Europe) is an excellent car. The styling is still fresh today. The car has survived many family trips up and down the west coast. The wagon is underpowered but handles better than most other cars I've driven. The gauges are great, and the seats are very supportive. I greatly enjoy driving this wagon. I will be sad to see it go.

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Review Date: 27th July, 1999