1984 Volkswagen Rabbit L 1.7 carb from North America


Gas saving in and out of traffic go-go mobile


The driverside axe, wheel bearing, oil pan split, brake pad, rotors, timing belt.

General Comments:

Not a bad little car. The problem with the old school VWs is you can't find one that some kid hasn't hacked to pieces, and that's what I ended up with. But through it all, it's still not a bad car, great on gas, just needs some TLC.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2010

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible 1.8L from North America


Fun to drive, safe for a convertible, great small car


Tappa Cover Gasket caused oil to leak.

Struts needed replacing.

Brakes needed replacing.

Transmission oil is leaking.

Squealing noise from transmission.

One day the throttle cable froze up due to ice when I was driving so I had to drive with my foot on the brake. When ice was knocked off it worked fine

Heater motor had to be replaced due to noise.

Heater fan also had to be replaced (noise).

Rusting body needs body work and paint job now.

Heater switch went.

Relays and electrical stuff has been messed up numerous times.

Alternator cable has come loose. Easy repair.

Speedometer is off by 10 km/hr (less than speed).

Odometer has been working intermittently lately.

Temperature gauge quit working (replaced relay).

Starter needed replacing.

A bunch of other minor repairs.

Windshield needs replacing (it got stone chips and cracked).

Muffler needs replacing and heat shield on exhaust needs replacing or at least welding (to be done).

General Comments:

Fun to drive.

Can actually roll this car (or flip... cops weren't sure) and walk away with minor whiplash when driving the car. I actually did this, and you could still drive the car afterwards. Damage: roll bar tweaked slightly forward and was slightly dented in (required straightening), broken mirror, vent window and quarter panel window on driver's side, dinted fender on passenger side (the trim and turn slight weren't busted though or even bent), two small rips (1 inch long) in the top which was down when the accident occured, scratched paint, scratched exterior trim, tire popped off the bead (possibly helped lead to the accident). Most people who saw pictures didn't think I rolled the car.

Love it, people recognize my car and like it. Popular car in my city, despite it being old.

Easy to find most parts at local auto wreckers. Can still order some parts from VW.

Back seat is maybe a bit small for some people but I find it ok (mine seats 2 in the back, as the seats are more moulded in the back (not a bench seat)

Wish mine had a/c (getting it this spring), remote start (i have it installed, but it doesn't yet work due to programming issues), power door locks (never going to happen... not a big deal).

Was happy to get speakers from Pioneer that were actually custom fit for my car at a really good sale price (Just bought them, 4x6's that fit in both the doors and rear speaker compartments).

Love the fact that it is a convertible.

Sporty, good car to learn how to drive on, small.

Lacks power steering and ABS (I`m used to not having these, so when I drive a car with both it is annoying).

Great car for a teenager to drive.

Isn`t too cold even in Canadian winters. Starts even in -30 when I don`t have it plugged in (but I keep it plugged in so I don`t fry the starter).

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Review Date: 20th February, 2008

29th Aug 2008, 12:40

This is great! I'm looking at an '81, and everywhere I've checked, people are raving about it being a fun summer car. I'm going to be enduring a Canadian Winter with this bad boy (Saskatchewan, even) and am glad to see that you've said it's not too cold in -30. We see a lot of that here in the prairies. Any advice?