1986 Volkswagen Scirocco GTX 8v Injection 1.8 GTi 8v from UK and Ireland


Stylish car, Good performance and good handling for a bargain price


Fuel pump relay failed at 182 000. Very cheap to replace, only £20 and a 3 second job to fit.

Rear-view mirror constantly fell off. Apparently this is quite common in these cars. The wing mirrors provide more than enough vision to be safe, though.

Seats tend to wear down, typically on the 'wing' of the drivers seat closest to the door.

Rocker cover gasket needed replacing when I bought the car. Nothing much wrong with it, just leaking a little. Sump gasket had a big leak and needed replacing.

General Comments:

Very fun and exciting car which isn't afraid to move when you put your foot down on the accelerator! Good handling and good performance.

Looks awesome for a car made in the 80s.

Car thieves attempted to steal my Scirocco after breaking in through the door handles (popular on VWs of this decade). However, once inside they couldn't bypass the steering lock and managed to break it for me instead.

Plenty of space in the boot, and even more so with the back seats rolled down.

Passengers sitting in the back would be better off with short legs - there is barely any space back there!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2008

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco 8v from North America


If all cars ran like this, the world would be a better place


The oil cooler leaked once. I needed to replace radiator as a result. Otherwise, interior parts fall off from time to time, but these are just cosmetic problems.

General Comments:

It's a fabulous car! Years of driving with very little problems. It's not quick, but it starts day after day, doesn't need much work, and it's great on gas. I love my Scirocco. I purchased it for 500.00, have put about that much money into it over the past three years in work, and it takes me everywhere I want to go.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2005

1986 Volkswagen Scirocco GT 1.8 carb from UK and Ireland


An enthusiasts car that hasn't lost its charm


Fuel tank leak.

Fuel pump defective.

Wax stat in automatic choke.

Offside bearing replaced.

Carb mountings prone to losing seal and sucking air in.

General Comments:

This car started life as a 1.6 GT automatic with GT trim (i.e. pretty grim), but is now a 1.8 carb manual with the GTII box and block. The trim was upgraded to GTX by taking the seats and dashboard from a GTX. Some bits didn't quite fit right (the rear seat mountings!) but it works pretty well.

A previous owner also put Corrado style body kit on and had converted the carb to a Weber, but de-converted it back when he saw me coming down the road. I've put the racing pedals on and given the car a general overhaul, as it was a wreck when I got it.

This is the 5th Scirocco I've had (I've had a 1984 GTI, 1985 GTL, a Storm and a 1986 Scala - see some more reviews!) and they are all totally different from each other, but one thing's for sure - they sure are great cars!

If you are prepared to spend up to a grand doing all the work recovering from the neglect by previous owners, you'll have a super-reliable car that will run forever!

A lot of criticism is levelled at the Pierburg carbs, but I've generally found that to be unfounded. The automatic choke unit is vulnerable, but is a cheap replacement. A carb clean and actually replace the FUEL filter every service will prevent many of the problems.

The carbs have a great economy/performance compromise and Weber do a direct replacement if you want more lively performance. The carb and associated components are quite complex, and it's more likely ignorance of the arrangement and adjustment is the problem, rather than generally poor performance.

Most problems with the carb actually originate with corrosion internally in the fuel tank shoveling muck along the fuel lines and getting lodged in the jets. A clean fuel filter is a must, and a new fuel tank on a high mileage does wonders!

GTX seats are great, and the extra padding on the steering wheel is great too. Getting the GTX dash, door and window handles is a worthwhile upgrade on the horrible cheap GT plastic, that's prone to splintering in your hand!

The carb versions, even with the 90+ bhp of the EX engine are sluggish compared to the injection DX engine, but are still lively and responsive. Torque is great at low revs, and if you want to drive it like a sports car, you can.

Oil burn is virtually non-existent in these well proven engines if they have been treated well in the early years. Stem seal replacement is not an impossible job for high burners.

Like all of the Sciroccos I've had, the natural territory is the motorway. It easily pushes 120, which is more than sufficient, without excessive noise or fuel consumption.

I've found regular Redexing is required for the around town environment to maintain performance.

Ride is hard, but that's the way I like it - it's good to feel the road.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2004