1991 Volkswagen Scirocco Scala 1.8i from UK and Ireland


The proverbial curates egg!


Top hose burst, Air valve connecting wire broke.

General Comments:

I got this car from the original owner with a full dealer service history and in (visually) showroom condition for a good price (£1650). At the time of buying I noted it had a very harsh ride and dangerous brakes, so much for the dealer service history (crap brakes are normal on unmodified Sciroccos and Mk1 Golfs by the way...).

I fitted new Sachs shocks (with new mounting rubbers which you MUST fit when changing shocks and dealers and 'specalists' rarely do), new wishbone and anti-roll bar bushes and had the suspension set up by a trustworthy machanic using simple mechanical gauges - never trust a muppet with Megabucks worth of laser alignment gear, not if you want a car that handles.

This vastly improved things, restoring precision and stability. I then fitted ATE grooved and vented discs (these are only slightly more expensive than standard), Ferrodo pads and changed the fluid. Result was the best braking VW I have yet driven, though the grooved discs are a little noisy.

Finally, after a lot of research I fitted the standard 6x14 wheels with 185/60/14 Bridgstone Potenza RE720 tyres. Amazing! Brilliant grip, quiet, hard wearing - and without a doubt the best wet grip I have ever experienced.

Other than the minor failures mentioned above and the tyre/brake/suspension work I have needed to do nothing except routine maintenance to the car - a marked contrast to my previous Mk2 Golf which was almost the most unreliable car I ever owned (Almost? Well, I do have an Alfa 164 3.0 too...).

It is econommical (31+mpg town/38+mpg on a run), handles nicely, accelerates well.

It's also a pig to get in and out of, poorly ventilated (no A/C), uncomfortable (harsh ride), woefully under-equipped (no electric windows, A/C, 'lights on' warning, sunroof, power steering, ABS - remember this is a sports coupe made in 1991, compare it to a Toyota Celica or Nissan 200SX!).

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Review Date: 9th April, 2002

12th Apr 2006, 11:14

Although you may find flaws in the cars capabilities in 1991 or later, you must remember that the Mk-II was launched in 1984; meaning it is seriously old technology now, but was cutting edge in its day. S.

1991 Volkswagen Scirocco Scala 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Rear brakes and bearings.

Cam tensioner.

Rear brake cylinders.

Notchy second gear.

General Comments:

Very nippy and neat handling although if pushed too hard will snap oversteer. Standard brakes are awful but with modifications to brakes, suspension and minor changes to engine they become a very potent Q car.

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Review Date: 31st January, 1999