1992 Volkswagen Scirocco GT2 1.8 from UK and Ireland


A modern classic


The seats need to be pulled forward, before they will go back! This may seem strange, but, is true!

The central locking doesn't lock the boot, but does some how unlock it?

However it does become habit to lock the boot after locking the driver's door.

General Comments:

This a low price, modern classic. With the power to beat even a modern injection car.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004

1992 Volkswagen Scirocco Scala 1.8 Fuel Injection from UK and Ireland


A sort of mass produced kit car made from Golf GTI bits!


Top hose split without warning.

Aftermarket imobliser caused erratic starting.

Finish on alloy wheels deteriorating badly.

General Comments:

Car was bought in excellent condition, mechanically, body and interior - except for poor ride and exceptionally poor brakes.

Brakes improved vastly by ATE grooved discs, decent pads and fluid change.

Suspension improved by new shocks and mounting bushes, and wishbone bushes.

The car has a harsh ride, even with new standard shocks, but handles very well. Performance is adequate. Fuel economy good (30+mpg in town, 40+mpg on a motorway).

This car has very little in the way of goodies (no pas, electric windows, sunroof, ABS, not even a "lights on" warning, etc), is pretty uncomfortable on bad surfaces, and has a couple of nasty quirks - leave the indicators on when parking up and half the sidelights stay on.. and a really stupid windscreen wiper control system. The controls are un-ergonomic and the instruments small, poorly placed and difficult to read. The rear seats are suitable only for deformed dwarves.

On the plus side it's well screwed together, compact, handles nicely and doesn't use a lot of petrol.

But I preferred my old Alfa Romeo 164...

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Review Date: 11th February, 2002

24th May 2007, 02:22

How can you compare an executive saloon to a sports coupe? If the suspension was softened and allthe luxuries from the Alfa added it would lose what it is, a no frills fun car, That's why I own a jeep and the Rocco, Jeep for family, towing and load hauling, Rocco for ME.

1992 Volkswagen Scirocco Scala 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Own one and you'll fall in love


Starter motor.

CV joints (gaiters always going).

Steering rack.

Suspension leak.

General Comments:

A fantastic car that goes like the wind, a car often loved dearly by its owners.

I will be sad to see it go.

I love this car.

The only problems were a bumpy ride and heavy steering (unless you were lucky enough to get power).

I dream about driving the German 16v model.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2001

1992 Volkswagen Scirocco GT11 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Individuallity at a (now) low price


Replaced front shockers to cure n/s lean!

General Comments:

This is my 3rd Scirocco. One 1.6 and this is the second 1.8 (carb) I have owned. I find the style of the car attractive and individual among moderns. Not the most comfortable seats but acceptable. Interior gloomy with too much black plastic. Fast, excellent road manners and good fuel economy - up 35mpg (driven hard). One previous owner and FSH. Much loved!!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2000