1975 Volkswagen Type I from North America


My first car and I intend to keep her till I'm gray


You Know what Nothing major! I've had her (yes her, she's called chaos) for over a year now and nothing cataclysmic, not a Thing... yet... aside from some rust damage that is, (Alas, to be expected in New England)

I need to get the Mile counter thing fixed.

A little slow.

Not very "wind resistant"

Poor heat, no A/C, or defroster.

Lets hope none of the bug's bugs happen.

Has stalled out for no reason.

All this among other minor glitches.

I figured on these kinds of things going in to it, so no big deal. This stuff gives the car character anyhow.

General Comments:

My uncle restores Volkswagens for a living, so he was able to get me a good deal on one he restored him self; That and taught me what to look out for and how to fix it should it's inner demon come to life...

She handles well in the Ice and snow, but the wind…well…it gives life some excitement.

Beats the “new beetle” in every way.

Has more character than most new cars.

Requires little gas/oil.

I was able to fix it! A no nothing 18 year old! Thank you John Muir.

I can lift it!

People have actually asked me if it was for sale! Nice rise in ego there.

Angers led-footed highway drivers…hehe.

Causes the occasional smile, god knows the world needs more of that.

Girls love it, its unique, and it causes small children to beat one another! Can there be a cooler car around?

I wanted something different, old, and inexpensive (for I’m broke) So Here I am!

Pardon the corny-ness, but I do believe I have found a new love.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2005

7th Jan 2005, 08:51

The "mile counter thing" is called an odometer. Apparently the "restoration" overlooked that little item?

That would explain your stratospheric mileage figures.

Obviously, John Muir had you in mind when he titled his book, eh?

7th Jan 2005, 12:53

So, it's got no a/c, little or no heat/defrost, gets buffeted by cross winds, is "a little slow" (THERE'S an understatement) and... oh yeah, the body is rusting.

Yet, "girls love it"? Maybe only when it's standing still?

Well, at least you aren't calling it Herbie.

Better keep that John Muir book handy--you'll need it, especially if it still has the Bosch fuel injection that came as original equipment on this car!

9th Mar 2005, 15:01

You need a rainbow decal in your back window to complete the effect.

17th Dec 2005, 11:58

I had a 1972 Super and enjoyed the car. I owned it from 2001 - 2003 and sold it because I was going to a place in East Texas where parts availability would force me to mail order more often. I had a few problems with the car, but nothing major and they were easily and very simply repaired. I put on a single "quiet pack" exhaust and re-jetted the Solex 34 (changed from stock 127.5 to a 135 main jet) for more power and better economy. Those changes gave the engine 10 - 15% more power and about 10mph on top end, plus fuel economy was slightly better because you could get off the gas sooner (e.g. quicker getting up to cruising speed) in most situations. Then, after two years of owning it I sold it for a $300 profit! It was almost like driving it for little more than the price of the gas!

28th Mar 2008, 17:35

That's the same year of my bug. I thought mine was pretty peppy, but once I drove it to 35mph and it was close to being shiftable into 4th gear, I realized that maybe its not as peppy as I thought. I have a review of mine up, but I should update it. To anyone who thinks that an old bug is a "Chick-car" you're wrong, I'm a semi-anti-trend teen guy who may drive a car that's kinda beat up, but it was cheap and still grabs attention, so in other words, the classic VW Bug is the ultimate emo corrector!

1967 Volkswagen Type I Typ 1 1.6 Single port from North America


A true classic


I have never had any problems with this car other than the usual maintenance.

A little slow and small for todays freeway driving, but great around town.

Not the most comfortable seats in the world.

General Comments:

I have always owned air cooled V.W.'s and 240 Volvo's. If a car cannot make at least 300,000 miles it is not worth owning.

Performs great for a 60 horse power.

Heater can melt steel!

Handles like a Porsche.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004