1972 Volkswagen Type II Campmobile/Westfalia 90 Opposing 4 from North America


My love affair runs deep!!!


Having some brake issues... working on them now.

About to replace the fuel tank & all fuel lines.

General Comments:

Overall, my "baby" is pristine! Owned by a former client that became a friend (a retired doctor & his wife). This camper was my Christmas to myself 2 years ago (had been looking for one for about 8 years). They bought it new in '72 and it has been from Alabama to New Foundland 3-4 times, across Canada several times, & they could not really count the number of times it has been across the U.S. & now she is MINE! :)

The camper is 98% original with the interior completely original, and looking like it is maybe 2 years old. I am about to start a complete rework of all the electrical parts as needed, and hope to order and install a new top (front and rear) along with a new canvas.

If you want to be able to "get back to nature", these vehicles are the way to go. Have run across deserts, over mountains (at a steady pace ;) ) and forded "streams" up to 32 inches deep.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2010

1972 Volkswagen Type II Deluxe Transporter 1.8 Type 4 from North America


You won't have nearly as much fun in anything else that resembles a loaf of bread


-Hydra-boost rubber brake elbow broke, replacement cost $5

-Engine seal needed replacement, $30

-Tune up every 3,000; materials cost around $25

-Seats are worn, replacements will cost $400 for the entire car (3 rows of replacement covers)

-Paint is faded

-Repainted rims and bumpers, paint cost $15

-Needs new seals, looking at around $350 not including window seals.

-Clutch pedal has been sticking.

General Comments:

I bought this bus from a neighbor down the street who had owned it since 1974. It had a new engine, new brakes, no rust, and a perfect original headliner. The bus is so much fun to drive, especially with lots of people. With rubber floor mats, cleaning it out is quick and easy. I have driven this bus all over the San Francisco bay area; I have been to a Giants game, an A's game, I went to Mountain View, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Half Moon Bay with NO problems. The "Deluxe" model comes with aluminum trim around the entire bus, and a HUGE sunroof with a crank handle. The sunroof is awesome in the summertime and works great. This is our 4th aircooled Volkswagen, our 1st Bus and it has been a very good experience for us.

If I were to look for another, I would make sure the brakes (If they are Hydra-Boost (which means power brakes) ) are in good working order. I would also look under the floor mats to make sure there is little to no rust. Also, I would buy a car with good headliner, because replacing it will take a long time, or cost you a lot of $$$.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2008

1972 Volkswagen Type II Devon Camper Conversion 1.7 type 4 from UK and Ireland


Uber cool icon!


The usual welding and bodywork (although mine wasn't bad), starter motor, rear wheel bearings, keeping the twin carbs in sync, brakes (front and rear needed complete rebuild due to previous owners lack of use).

Also had to renovate interior and the roof leaks took some fixing.

General Comments:

Iconic vehicle that I'd always wanted (thanks to early child-hood memories going to the south of France in one). Helped sort my brothers (proper) beetle and thought how hard can it be! Absolutely loved the old girl, but boy did she need tlc and cash. Bank manager must have been happy when I sold her (which I still regret). Had tried single carb 1.6 units and found the later type 4 1.7 had more grunt provided you found a good one. Gearbox spot on and handling not bad after new shocks and tyres. Chanced two trips round France and numerous rallies and camping trips in the UK.

Would I have another - definitely, but either needs to be very sorted or I need a lottery win. For now it's back to a boring car, but I can always dream.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007

1972 Volkswagen Type II 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A real passion


Accelerator cable snapped. Starter motor replaced. Rust in windscreen pillar and under front bumper.

General Comments:

These are the greatest vehicle in the world, not just a mode of transportation, but a home and a labour of love..

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004

17th Dec 2004, 21:34

A home?

You mean, you live in yours?

1972 Volkswagen Type II Transporter Van 1.7 dual port from North America


It's a good car if you don't need to depend on it or if you love to fix things all the time!!!


Well for starters, the battery kept going dead and every time you pulled the headlight switch, the car would shut off! Not a reliable car, it died in first, second, third and and hardly got onto the road. Even though engine was rebuilt a year ago.

Very hard to access anything on the engine, because it's flat. Gear box went, brakes went and now the rust!

General Comments:

It has good sound out of the exhaust pipe, but I drained two batteries trying to start the car when it's hot. When the engine is cold it starts on the first crank, but when the engine is hot it starts on the 15th crank!

Also, after listening to the radio for 8 minutes, it drained the battery, I think Volkswagens should be equipped with 1000 cranking amp batteries, I had a 465 cranking amp battery and it still was not enough.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001

18th May 2008, 11:45

I have a 72 bus as well and I can camp and have the radio on all day and she will still start. sounds like you have a draw off the battery, or a bad ground.

1972 Volkswagen Type II Holdsworth Camper 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


It'll never let you down


Much body rot.

Indicator lenses faded away.

All ball joints worn out.

General Comments:

Surprisingly quick around town, but painfully slow on long runs.

It NEVER breaks down, I love it to bits, it's like having a faithful old dog. I've tried to sell it to get a flash motor, but I just can't do it.

Just looking at it cheers me up!

Am I sad or what?

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Review Date: 15th January, 2001