10th Apr 2006, 07:59

Hi I am from Melbourne Australia, and I have a 71 notch back - fastbacks are even more rare around here - although plenty of square backs. I was extremely lucky and found mine on the way to McDonald's. I bought it on the spot and it has been a dream ever since! Just about to redo the paint and chrome work on it. I can understand how people would want heaps of money for their type III's - I would never sell mine in a million years - and the guy I bought it off only sold it because his (new) wife wanted a 4WD! Anyway good luck with the search.

4th Dec 2007, 01:27

Hello my name is Max and I love my 71 square. I drive it daily around Melbourne, Oz and it, s awesome fun weaving in traffic because its so narrow. It;s a little car with a lot of space. It does have some rust too and minor dents, (can't figure how they get there) but I am planning a paint job and new interior as I think they are worth it, they get cooler every day. (or was that another bit of rust that went through?) But they are strong! and have so much more character than modern cars. Good luck with yours and enjoy. :)

27th Jul 2008, 01:29

Hey I have a 1970 volkswagen fastback 1600tle automatic brought it this year for a little price of 700 how rare are they?

30th Jul 2009, 00:14

Hi! I have had my yellow 1971 Fastback since high school in 1973, and I will not give it up. This car has gone through my dating, my marriage, etc...

This car has gotten me places when newer cars I had, failed. It has been so reliable and cheap to repair with the help of the famous "How to keep you VW alive" by John Muir.

It is in the garage until I dare to get it out and drive it. It sure gets people's attention. Especially when they see I have A/C in the summer.

8th Sep 2009, 21:23

Mine is a 73 fastback. My normal love is the Beetle. The FB sat for 5 years across the street from my house and the owner tried several times to get me to buy it. The reason I did was because of the funky yet similar way it is a beetle, and because the interior-trunk-engine area's are very clean and rust free. I've had it now almost 10 years. New engine and kept the FI. It either flies down the road or runs terrible depending on its mood. Always starts and idle's well. Just put ball joints and lowered the front so it looks more reasonable and level. Even with the orange color and ugly late model hood I really have to say I love it as much as the beetles. There are only two or three in St. Louis where I live. More squarebacks than FB's and almost no notches.

15th Sep 2009, 01:19

I've had my '71 fastback automatic for about 5 years now. It was given to me as a Christmas Present!! And what a wonderful gift from my nephew! It hasn't run in about 4 years, mainly due to neglect. The previous owner left it in the pasture from '89 till my nephew rescued it in '04. But I'm slowly getting her back in working order. The trany is giving me the most problems. But that's OK. A wonderful labor of love. I wouldn't give her up for the world. She is exceedingly rare 'cuz of the automatic transmission. My nephew told me there were only about 1000 automatics made in '71. Though I have not done the research. Good luck finding one. And when you do I know you will love it as much as I do!

22nd Feb 2010, 01:13

Hi guys, I have a 71 fastback, and recently broke an engine lid cable. Access to the broken end behind the door trim was impossible. I contemplated hole sawing through the engine lid behind the number plate, and finally discovered access to the tube carrying the cable was by removing the left taillight. Cut through this carefully with a file, exposing the cable, and lifted it out with a screwdriver pull with pliers, and it opens the lid.

26th May 2010, 19:01

I have a 71 squareback and totally love it. I picked it up from a friend that had to sell, because his wife said he had too many toys, for $500.00 dollars. It has no rust at all, and is in perfect condition except the paint, which I getting fixed soon.

I drive it every day, and am now looking for some aftermarket wheels right now, but don't know where to start looking, any ideas would help. Thanks.

3rd Jun 2010, 13:45

I have a 1971 VW Fastback. My sister bought it 2 years ago and was in the process of having the body restored when she died. The body shop finished the work, and the body looks like brand new. Any suggestions on how and where I can go about selling it?

2nd Jul 2010, 16:51

Hi All.

I have a 69 fastie that I have restored. I get thumbs up, waves, chin props, and honks from all sorts of people. People in their 50s and 60s seem to admire it the most. I just recently found and bought an all stock, original 71 auto fastback with 44,000 miles and original license plates. It was used as a parade car. The car was stored since 1983 and recently had all engine work done because of the time it sat. How much? 3500.00 USD. They're out there, you just have to keep looking.

19th Aug 2010, 21:56

I just bought a 1971 Fastie, and it runs great for about 20 minutes. Than it starts losing power. Does it have a thermostat? Is the coil bad. It has EFI and runs really good for a while.


24th Apr 2012, 07:09

I recently purchased a 1972 VW Type 3 Fastback in excellent condition on thesamba.com. I see them listed frequently in various conditions. If you are still searching for one, I highly recommend visiting this site.

28th Feb 2013, 01:56

I've had my 69 fastback for a couple of years. It's my favorite car yet! I got it for 1500 bucks and it's had all kinds of upgrades. The interior is good, and it's only on its second paint job.

With that being said, I could spend 20,000 to cherry it out, or tune it up and drive it. Either way, it's really fun good on gas and the chicks dig it ;)