29th Jan 2004, 15:44

Greetings Fellow Westy owners, I'm kinda slow too, so having a slow vehicle is OK with me. As far as the tires go, Yokohama makes one Michelin makes a great tire and I have a set of 185R14C 6 ply sidewall. Got a brand new spare when I bought the rest. Along with an oil change, I change the fuel filter and have the tires rotated every 5000 miles. An alignment every 10,000 miles.

Bought them from Firestone back in August of 2001 and these tires show no wear. I paid $40.00 each for them in 2001 and now their going for $70.00 each.

I would buy these again, only if the price was $50.00 or

$60.00.My next set will probably the Michelin since you can buy them on line at a reasonable price.

Happy trails 2all...RCB.

20th Feb 2004, 12:53

Have an '89 Westfalia w/automatic and love it. I don't find power to be a problem. It cruises nicely at 65mph, mileage hangs around 18-20mpg. I don't like to drive freeways anyway. As long as you're not in a hurry I find it perfect. No other vehicle does what this one does and it feels solid as a rock.

25th Oct 2005, 19:43

I own a 1984 Vanagon Westphalia Camper, the only gripe that I have on the vehicle is that it is extremely SLOW, SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! Did I mention slow? It has no AC, no power steering, basic transportation. I love it as a camper, but I do find other faults. Little gremlins like, cutting off in the middle of traffic, just to mysteriously start again twenty or thirty minutes later. Then there are those who try and scare on the Internet, warning me and other fellow early Vanagon Westy owners of the water boxer head-gaskets, and the inadequacies of the third to fourth hub assembly in the manuel tranmission. I have currently 125k, with the only complaints being NO POWER, and ELECTRICAL GREMLINS. Other than that, it is the best vehicle, camper van, thus produced. (Can you name another vehicle that runs and drives like any other-except speed-park in a regular spot, and still comfortably sleep four?)

26th Apr 2009, 04:17

Absolutely! I too am a proud owner of both air and water-cooled Vanagons and Westfalias - in this increasingly turbulent economy, these Westfalias are worth MORE than their weight in gold! No matter what, you always have a comfortable place to sleep or live if you have to, and be home wherever you roam! With the cost of car registration & insurance shooting out the roof now, these Westfalias are priceless.. Even if the engine or tranny goes out, hold on to it as long as you can, and upgrade or replace, whatever your budget can do.. I'll take a Vanagon over any 2009 or 2010 car any day - MAYBE I'd trade for a late Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, but that's about it.

3rd Dec 2010, 18:32

I have an 84 Westy, which I have owned since 1998, and have put on at least 200,000 Km. I too had the cutting out problem, usually but not always when it got real hot outside. The van would always restart after it cooled down, but I was never able to have a mechanic along when it died. The problem turned out to be the Hall Effects Sender unit in the distributor, and when that was replaced, the problem ceased and has not returned. The musty roof problem was solved by removing the top and using paint remover on the fuzzy coating inside the camper top. I repainted with Tremclad Bright White and it is fantastic. The van is pushing 400,000 Km and going strong; not pretty anymore, but strong.

20th Oct 2016, 02:22

I have owned a few VW campmobiles & Vanagons. My current VW is a 1982 Vanagon Westfalia, aircooled, gas, 4 speed manual transmission, that I bought in 2000. I drive almost pedal to the metal on long trips in the fast lane where flat or down hill. And in the slow lane or trucking lane uphill. No problem.

I keep it in good repair as needed. The sending unit, filler pipe etc. on the top of the gas tank leaks gasoline around the cork gaskets if I try to fill the tank, but since the vehicle sits most of the time, I only put in up to a half tank of fuel or less to keep fresh gas in her.

I'm too busy now so I will sell this sweet vehicle with 148 K miles. My biggest concern has been not enough heat/no defroster in the NH winters. Other than that I love these VW air heads, water boxes, diesel, synchro - all of 'em.