1st Nov 2006, 09:10

Well truth be told, most VW afficionados are well aware and accepting of the vehicle flaws. These types of vehicles are owned for the love of vehicle period, not for reliability or low cost of operation.

Buying one of these vehicles for their reliability or low cost is like buying a Ferrari F50 because repairs are cheap or maybe a Hummer for the inexpensive tires. Perhaps an '89 Chevy Suburban would be the right choice for fuel economy. Catch my drift?

These VW's sell due to a more cult type following, not dependability or inexpensive operation.

30th Jun 2007, 19:52

Three quarters of your problems are engine problems. Do an engine swap. There are several good gas engine swaps that are more reliable, or, you could get an ultra reliable diesel TDI.

Use Redline oil in your transmission and change often. Install an un-locker in your front differential so that it can free-wheel in the summer.

Go to 15 in., wider, tires for more stability in windy conditions.

Let see, that should cover most of the problems.

1st Aug 2007, 01:20

My syncro vanagon is slow & does not like side winds, but as far as handling, it is the MOST agile & surefooted "TRUCK" I have ever been in. the syncro system is also a grip enhancer by design of the viscous clutch system, not to mention the additional weight of the front differential making all the weight LOW in the vehicle therefore improving handling. It is more or less a cousin to the Audi Quattro system.

21st Aug 2007, 21:30

The best part of this "bad Vanagon story" (especially regarding a SYNCRO) is that you probably will NEVER have trouble unloading this thing, dude!!

12th Sep 2007, 17:06

The heads going out on Vanagons are due to using the wrong type of coolant. It must be phosphate free to get the reliability from these enginges. I bought mine that just had the heads replaced and what did I find in it? The wrong coolant again. I flushed the system put the correct coolant in it and no problems.