1998 Volkswagen Vento TDI 1.9 turbo disel 90bhp from UK and Ireland


Poor body work


The car is currently being overhauled.

Rust eradication.

General Comments:

Compare to VWs built in 1990, the exterior rust proofing on this car is poor. The base coat is water based. Any fracture in this coat and rust quickly takes hold and spreads. NOT GOOD!

The underbody has flanged spot welded seams, which are prone to rusting.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2007

5th Feb 2010, 15:59

I've got a 1997 Vento TDI and literally every panel has significant rust on it, the sills and parts of the floorpan are rotten too! Not only that, but the car in general feels rough and ready, there are loads of design flaws (not least the stupid ignition key position, which is very close to the wiper stalk, leading to you inadvertently putting the wipers on every time you go to either start or stop the engine). This is the third VW I have had, and all have been well below my expectations, I won't be buying another...

1998 Volkswagen Vento GL TDi from UK and Ireland


Speed, reliability and economy in one


Timing Belt Tensioner developed a noise at around 75000 miles.

Rust around rear door check strap and above windscreen.

General Comments:

Overall fairly satisfied with the vehicle.

The timing belt was due for replacement when the tensioner started to make a noise so the repair bill was not excessive.

The rust around the rear doors is apparently a fault on some models around that year, luckily it was just in the warranty and the Volkswagen Dealership repaired this at no cost to myself.

The car is currently traveling in excess of 500 miles a week and the overall reliability and fuel economy have been excellent, it always returns in excess of 50 plus mpg.

The standard of equipment on the car is very good, electric windows all round, electric sunroof, air conditioning, central locking. The only thing missing is ABS which is surprising for a vehicle of this year.

The ride is adequate and the handling is average for a family type car.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

26th Feb 2005, 09:13

This is a very useful review. I own a Vento myself of this year and like wise have the rust problem. Did the service company spot your rust problem and inform you of the potential warranty claim and how was the problem fixed?