1973 Volvo 140 Deluxe (DL) 2.0 B20A from Netherlands


There's nothing a Volvo can't conquer


Replaced the cylinder head 2 times.

Renovated the complete engine by a specialist.

Small stuff.

General Comments:

I bought the car because of the tax advantages in the Netherlands, and because I like old cars.

The car was fitted with a Liquid Propane Gas Tank. So it could drive either on gas or petrol. Of course gas was the cheapest. Every gas station in the Netherlands sells it.

The car makes a very sturdy impression. I named it Hank the Tank, because he was also olive green.

The car is very roomy and has good seats. It is a very comfortable car to drive. Although it is slow, due to the basic engine, which delivers 85 hp.

We used it to drive 100 km at least a day to work and back.

Besides that, we drove it all around Europe on vacation. He never let us down. Even in the Czech Republic, when it was 25C below zero, it started on gas (after some warm water over the vaporizer). It was the only car that started... Bravo for Volvo.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2012

1968 Volvo 140 144S B18 from North America


Good and dependable old Volvo


The water pump went out 3 times. But a pretty simple replacement.

The dual carburetors were constantly in need of tinkering.

The wipers on high, were not much quicker than when they were on normal speed.

That's it outside of normal wear and tear.

I did my basic tuneup, oil changes, and brakes more times than I can recall on it.

Pads were simple to replace, took about 15 minutes. Never did change the brake rotors.

General Comments:

It's a small car, but feels like a much larger car. Lots of room inside. Huge trunk. Solid when you closed the doors. Lots of metal all over the place.

Interior was spartan. It had a heater, with vertical dials in red or green. Kinda cool at the time. It kept me warm when I went to snow ski.

Speedometer was odd. It ran horizontal with an angled cut. I could never determine if the speed was the top or bottom of the angle. Never did get a speeding ticket in this thing. Gutless to no end. But a very tight turning radius.

Handled nice, for what it was. I even took it off road down to a creek, and it did fine crawling back up.

Good on gas, but at the time that wasn't a concern. Gas was cheap back then.

I'd pick another one up if I could find one.

I bought this car for $800, put over 100K miles on it, and sold it for $600.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2010

8th Dec 2010, 08:49

"Never did get a speeding ticket in this thing"

- Knowing that car as I do, you couldn't if you tried!

1974 Volvo 140 B20A 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car for 1974


Fuel pump just died, so had to replace that in 2008. I just bought an electric one on ebay. (Touch wood) nothing else really has gone wrong with the vehicle. It is a paddock basher on about 60 hectares; nothing else can really go wrong.

- Bad rust at rear of vehicle. (Due to the fact it has never been garaged)

General Comments:

It is used as a paddock basher, so I really don't know what it would handle like on the road, although on the grass even in the wet it handles quite well, so I would imagine that it would handle real well on the road. The reason it's used as a paddock basher is that it has too much rust to get a road worthy certificate.

On another note, the interior of the vehicle is quite nice. It has a nice colour for the trim, and the seats are like lounges.

The car has a large boot so it is a good car for a large family etc. It can tow a lot for a car of that size. It can hold approximately 107kg of luggage on the roof (that would really help).

The car has front and rear crumple zones, three point safety belts, energy absorbing bumper bars, collapsable steering column, and large disc brakes all round.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2009