1981 Volvo 240 DL B21F from Puerto Rico


A very reliable car


Manual transmission (clutch) at 100,000.

A/C - compressor - about three times.

General Comments:

I bought this car new, and it has been very reliable.

The quality of paint is great; still has its original paint.

Seat material is very durable.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2011

1981 Volvo 240 DL from North America


Fantastic! One of the finest cars ever produced


Power steering unit leaked for a while, but sealed threads with teflon tape and it's still holding 3 years later.

The front seats needed to be replaced - $45 from a wrecking yard.

Timing belt went at 260K - $175.

Replaced factory rotor cap and wires 6 months ago.

Fan motor started making noise for a while, but stopped - fixed itself.

Has leaked a tiny amount of ATF since purchase, but has never worsened.

General Comments:

I am the third owner of this Volvo. Other than fuel, regular tuneups and oil changes, the car has cost me almost nothing in repair costs. Also, most of the DL model parts are interchangeable - this makes finding inexpensive parts a breeze.

It has passed tough California smog inspections without any problems - sometimes producing ZERO measurable emissions!!! - This car is over 20 years old and is still cleaner than almost all new vehicles...

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Review Date: 4th June, 2004

1981 Volvo 240 DL 1.3 Liter from North America


Reliable, comfy, fun, and safe


When I first got it most of the seals were shot and the ball joints needed replacing. 78,000 Miles.

Fuel Line Broke 79,000 miles. Closest thing I've ever had to a "breakdown" even though the car had been parked at the time.

General Comments:

I am now 17 and I bought my Volvo last year for $700. The poor thing had been neglected by its former owner and only had 78,000 miles (not bad for a 22 year old). It's a little heavy to be considered a speed demon, but since it is a manual transmission, it is endlessy fun to drive. The clutch is solid, and the engine roars like a thoroughbred. I've driven the automatic DLs and they are seriously sluggish compared to the manuals.

I've put a lot of money into it in the last year, but most of it was just catching up on the maintenance.

The one complaint I have about it was that it looked pretty worn when I got it. The paint had oxidized (long ago) and it had been sitting in the sun for about 10 years so the inside was a bit faded. But since then I've gotten it painted, had it detailed, and decked it out with a nice stereo and now it is the ultimate cruising machine.

I love my Volvo very much, and I expect to drive it into the ground. I hope by then I will have enough money to buy a new Volvo.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2003

15th Sep 2004, 15:58

Hi there! I have a 1985 240 GL and its almost in excellent condition and its 4 speed overdrive. Keep this Volvo you got now and don't buy a new one!


Ken from Alberta Canada.

7th May 2009, 15:15

Hi, I was wondering if you still have your 1981 Volvo. I have an 1981 DL - I am the original owner. My Volvo has never left me stranded anywhere in 28 years. It is a wonderful simple car. It has 192000 original miles. It has always been in a garage and is in amazing shape. I had all of the services done for all of these years. These old Volvo's are the best.

1981 Volvo 240 glt b21 from North America


A neglected car that is now put to rest


I replaced both fuel pumps after having a intermittent stalling problem. The problem came back a month later. The overdrive switch, front seals, etc... Car never ran well and had electrical problems. The power windows were a problem from the beginning.

General Comments:

I don't blame Volvo for the problems I had with this car, but rather the former owner who did nothing to maintain this car and drove it to the ground. Currently I run a 1984 DL which my sister gave to me. This car is trouble free and a pleasure to own.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2003

1981 Volvo 240 GLE sedan 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Next to nothing in the 13 years and 100kms I have done. Only minor things - windscreen wiper, problem with petrol pump, but apart from that, nothing! Ultra reliable.

General Comments:

Comfy, solid, safe, and very, very reliable, just not much power. I am thrilled with the car - though it wasn't thief proof - some tramp stole it and drove it off a cliff, and that's the only reason I am thinking of getting a new car. In its day, the 240 must have been a class leader for few other cars have lasted the test of time so well.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2000

11th May 2001, 05:33

If you think Volvo 240 GL can burn off a VW Golf GTi running on only 3 cylinders, you wrong. A Volvo is a solid and reliable family car, but lets compare apples with apples.

14th Jun 2001, 19:56

The GLE 240 went on sale in 1985 in australia. where did you get yours???

24th Apr 2012, 04:05

I own a 1985 240 GLE in Australia, which was Oz delivered.