1991 Volvo 240 STW SE B200F from Finland


Good and reliable workhorse


Radiator started leaking around 320000km and had to be replaced.

Engine thermostat was broken when I got the car.

Headlights had to be replaced recently.

Exhaust pipe needs fixing.

Front brake calipers were replaced recently.

All brake discs had to be replaced when I got the car.

Rear door is rusty.

Engine valves need adjusting...

Alternator was repaired recently.

General Comments:

The 1,86 litre engine is a bit underpowered for this station wagon, but it still gets you and almost whatever you want to where ever you want to go.

A reliable car, definitely, even if it does need constant repairs at this age and mileage. Usually you don't need to fix the same thing twice, at least not for a long time. Except maybe the exhaust pipe. I guess I could get a rustproof pipe...

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2009

1991 Volvo 240 2.3 from North America


Volvo autos are your escape from the recycled designs of all the other car makers!


Fuel pump relay

Inner Tie Rods

A/C charge

Regular maintenance items:

Timing belt and front seals & brake pads.

General Comments:

This car is everything I had hoped it would be and more! My wife drives an 850, but she loves the nostalgia of my 240 “Maxine”.

These cars will not strand you if maintained properly. It gets 25 mpg if driven conservatively at 60 to 65mph. Every unique car has their quirks, but these pay you back in many satisfying miles of driving service. This one is 17 years old and gets all the looks and utility of any newer vehicle.

Volvo 240 lovers are a rare breed and there are many other owners out there ready to help you with the many Volvo enthusiast forums online.

Do yourself a favor and find one, restore it to an everyday driver and invest the money you would lose on new car payments!

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008

1991 Volvo 240 Wagon 2.3L from North America


Solid car; will keep it forever


The fuel pressure regulator failed at 220K miles.

Intake manifold gasket at 225K miles.

General Comments:

I grew up thinking of Volvo as yuppie status symbols, driven by people who knew nothing about cars (but just how to stick all kinds of obnoxious bumper stickers on the back). Then I picked up this high mileage car cheaply, and I have been really happy.

It has run like a champ since the day I got it, with the minor hiccup of a failed fuel regulator, but $45 and 5 minutes later, all was well. The intake gasket failed because it had grown brittle after more than 200K miles and 17 years, but again, with little money ($7) and a few minutes, I had it fixed. Ridiculously easy to repair.

Everything works on it, even the heated seats and ice-cold A/C. I've driven it in snow and ice, and across the desert at 100+ degrees and still no failures or performance issues. I can't think of hardly any other vehicle you could buy at nearly 200K miles that works so well (maybe a land cruiser).

Of course it is no speed demon. It is heavy and has a small motor, but it does handle well, and is comfortable enough for long periods behind the wheel.

I would recommend one to anybody I know. They are easy to work on, reliable, and mine gets great gas mileage for as big and heavy as it is; 23 to 27 mpg (depending on conditions). I sold my 4 cylinder Jeep for this, and I have a bigger vehicle that gets better mileage, and even handles better on slippery roads.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2008

1991 Volvo 240 from North America


Solid, rolls on the hwy and has the steel to back it up!


Nothing yet. The heat for the driver side doesn't work and maybe it is a fuse. Other than that it is a fine car. I bought it from an elderly woman who just loved it too death. Took it into one of the best local car shops in town and had them run it through every time. I am sure she invested thousands into the car's mechanics.

General Comments:

Well, it still has the original stereo which is a tape cassette player. Needs to be changed out soon. The car handles well on the hwy. I needed the room as my wife and I go out of town camping, carry a boat on top, dogs in the back, and all the other stuff that needs cramming in. The amount of space is great. It turns on a dime and overall I think it is a solid ride. I can't imagine ever taking it to the dealer for work. Likely will use old parts from a local junk yard and do the work myself, or have a mechanic who is OK using old parts do it for me. I bought the car for $3800. I think it was worth it - I have seen them for much less, but this one is cherry! As well, it came over from Sweden with a GI so it has some quirks - which I like. I have owned VW's so I am use to quirks, strange unexplainable noises, etc. So, far the car is a great commuter. Don't mind that it is slow to get going - so am I! Anyhow, any advice out there about what to do to keep this car going strong - things I should focus on - please let me know. Thanks, glad to be in the 240 club.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2008

3rd Mar 2008, 12:54

Good luck with the car- these babies can run forever.