19th Nov 2002, 00:00

As others have said, the fact you bought a badly kept or abused one doesn't mean that it's a bad car. I've seen bad Volvos too, when they've been driven for 50000km without a service because they refuse to break down, for example. We have 9 Volvos, one of which has covered over 1000000 yes million kilometres, and another which has done nearly 800000. And they can still be relied on to do the job with comfort and confidence.

What a car!

I love my Volvos too.

Michael Harper


29th Nov 2002, 06:47

Oh yeah, just another quick thought. If you are having trouble locating or inspecting the wiring to the computer as this person should have sooner... good luck!! Because as far as I know the 1983 240 wasn't computer managed... If all else fails, read the manual.

Dale Harvey


14th May 2006, 22:56

Of course things are going to wear and leak and need replacing or fixing... JUST TODAY I took in my 'dead &revived' 1983 Volvo 244gl to just get tires and and oil change... and came out with ordering (&paying for) new struts &shocks, oil flushing & replace & filter, air filter, , transmission flushing, & replace, etc.. vacuum hosing, tires, transmission pan gasket, battery cables & wiring, powersteering flushing &seals, (four pages of work...) don't remember everything,..and Yes it was a MAJOR chunk of $$$ & credit..but its for my son, and he's worth it... I've had a prior Volvo (a 1979 242 stick -shift..) which I loved and he remembers that one and knows they are worth it... Geez, did I miss the "computer" today? Hugs to all...

14th Jun 2007, 08:09

The benefit to replacing worn or deteriorated parts is when it comes to Volvo's you have to do it once. Volvo's are only known for a few things that tend to need replacing often. This includes alternators, water pumps, brakes and exhausts. The mufflers rusted out because they were over muffled, and brakes because the cars weigh a ton (not literally). My 77 still runs fine, I'm sure it could use some bodywork, but mechanically its fine. 79 Corollas are in fact good cars, but like the guy said when was the last time you saw one? They just rusted to nothingness. I love em too, but they just weren't built to last.